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What it is like to be a nurse during a pandemic

For more than a year now, Americans have had to change their normal routines due to the COVID-19 pandemic such as having to wear… Read More

What it is like to join a college sport

I have been playing sports for most of my life. Beginning with pee-wee soccer when I was 5 years old to softball when I… Read More

Birdwatch: Twitter’s new feature to detect misinformation

In the digital age, anyone can find information with just a few clicks, especially through social media. Unfortunately, this has led to a rise… Read More

Students’ actions against systemic racism now need to be matched by university policy

A year filled with marches, initiatives and discussions, Cabrini has responded to national incidents of racism and broad inequalities.  However, the institution has yet… Read More

36 seniors receive the Who’s Who award

Shannon Agnew: early childhood education PreK-4 with special education PreK-8 I think my most significant contribution at Cabrini was to the athletic department. I was… Read More

Cabrini makes cuts to staff and programs to prevent a higher deficit

Cabrini University has recently announced a new strategic plan to prevent any further accumulation of debt.  This plan includes restructuring different courses, majors and… Read More

What students need to know about how to apply for housing

It is that time of year again when students need to prepare to apply for residential housing for the next school year. Applying for… Read More

Rioters storm the U.S. Capitol

During their meeting to confirm the Electoral College votes for the 2020 election, Congress was forced to go into a lockdown as rioters stormed… Read More

What it’s like having an internship during a pandemic

This past year has been a rollercoaster of endless events from COVID-19 coming to the United States to universities and schools shutting down to… Read More

Biden vs. Trump: Where do they stand on the issues?

With the election quickly approaching, people are looking at which candidate they think will best to lead America. For the Democratic party, Joe Biden… Read More

Cabrini students review Harry Styles’ new music video ‘Falling’

Harry Styles’ new music video for his song “Falling” will submerge you in emotion like Styles was submerged in water.  The video begins with… Read More

Space Force logo looks like Star Trek logo, students say

President Trump revealed the logo for the new military branch known as the Space Force and it looks strikingly similar to the Star Trek… Read More

Student frustrated with specified parking lots on parking permits

Editor’s Note: For privacy purposes, students’ names have been changed for protection.  Many students, both residents and commuters, have voiced their thoughts and opinions… Read More

Students face consequences for setting off too many fire alarms

Consistent incidents with students setting off the fire alarms will lead to penalties. According to the director of residence life, the repercussions for students… Read More

Vaping: Is it really safer than smoking?

Vaping is the new smoking. People are putting away tobacco cigarettes for electronic cigarettes, such as vape pens and JUULs because some people believe… Read More

Swim team’s first home meet gives a glimpse of a promising season

The first home meet against King’s College demonstrates a promising season for the swim team.  The swim team had their first home meet of… Read More

Swim team is optimistic for this season

The swim team has been training and practicing harder than before to stay on top for this upcoming season.  “We’ve been training the hardest… Read More

Men’s soccer team loses conference opener to Neumann University

     The men’s soccer team lost by one goal against Neumann University’s men’s soccer team in the conference opener on Wednesday, Oct. 9.       “It’s a… Read More
Soccer star Nick Booth

Men’s soccer team remains hopeful for their remaining season.

     Though they may not be having the best season so far this fall, the men’s soccer team is not giving up hope to turn… Read More

Losing a friend can be hard but you might be better off without them

     (Editor’s Note: Names have been changed in this story to preserve their privacy)       Friends are the people we go to for pretty much everything:… Read More