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Breaking the bias behind victim-blaming

“According to the U.S. Department of Justice, a rape or attempted rape occurs every 5 minutes in the United States,” Inside Southern said.  More specifically,… Read More

In-person classes spike anxiety among students; how getting involved can help

The social aspect of education plays a more significant role than what’s perceived, mental health experts say. In fact, solely focusing on academics can… Read More

‘Just because I’m adopted doesn’t mean I was loved any less’

The topic of adoption can make an individual feel somewhat misunderstood in the sense that others may view an adopted person’s family as different… Read More

How code-switching has changed the game of communication

Code-switching is both a conscious and subconscious act some people do. For some, it’s a foreign concept. For others, it’s an everyday occurrence.  There… Read More

Men’s soccer secures first Atlantic East Conference win

Earlier this week, Cabrini’s men’s soccer won and played in their first Atlantic East Conference (AEC) game this season against Centenary University. Walking away… Read More

Radnor police probe of fentanyl-laced edibles finds no trace of deadly opioid; Pa. state officials still on alert with reports of it in other regions.

Radnor police officials confirmed this week that an investigation into a case of suspected fentanyl-laced edibles ingested by area youth found no traces of… Read More

My growing concerns regarding Cabrini’s vaccination requirement process

For months, the COVID-19 vaccine has been distributed and preached. Now, states, schools and other residencies are requiring the vaccine for re-entry. Cabrini University… Read More

Cabrini welcomes new director of undergraduate admission

With many updates and changes occurring at Cabrini, a new voice and face joined the undergraduate admissions staff. This person has shown leadership, strength… Read More

Diversity is essential to a university, not an add-on, Dixon symposium speaker said

Diversity is essential to a university, not an add-on, the Dixon symposium speaker said. “Diversity is not extraneous value that we might turn our… Read More

As Asian hate crimes continue to increase, so does my concern

For years I felt silenced and minimized. Receiving texts and calls from random friends asking if I was okay was both calming and terrifying.… Read More

International adoptions pose issues for children trying to cross borders

Children from all over the world struggle to make ends meet under the circumstances they’re placed in. Most kids are stuck across borders waiting… Read More

Humor has more significance in online learning than you may think

When the camera is on, the laughs are off. The pressure for humor in the online learning setting has been a meticulous subject. Teachers find… Read More

Eating disorders: not a choice or a lifestyle

Eating disorders: not a choice or a lifestyle Sam Mottolo, a freshman environmental science major at Saint Joseph’s University, is in recovery from her… Read More

Delay in textbook deliveries has caused anxiety and anticipation to increase

  The spring semester of 2021 has started off with online learning and shipping delays. The worry and concern of students and professors grow… Read More

PA House committee recommends change to election of state-level judges

The judicial and court system can get complicated and confusing if you don’t understand political jargon. House Bill 38 is particularly significant due to… Read More

Double-masking has 90% protection rate, according to officials

After the months and months of wearing a mask, social distancing and using hand sanitizer, the CDC released news that double masking provides more… Read More

COVID-19 vaccines begin to be administered

COVID-19 vaccinations are beginning to be administered across the region. Physicians and students who have received the vaccine report just mild soreness.  Medical Professional… Read More

Understanding my personal struggles of preserving Asian culture

I used to live every day like it didn’t matter that I was different from the rest of my community. It had never crossed… Read More

The ‘Wheel of Fortune’ brings a new ‘spin’ with a celebrity version

The “Wheel of Fortune” is spinning their wheel a different way with a celebrity version. After the network saw the ultra-successful “Jeopardy! Greatest of… Read More

Pharmaceutical companies Moderna and Pfizer announce coronavirus vaccines, bringing concern about effectiveness and transportation

In the recent weeks, there’s been breaking news about Moderna and Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine. Each company has pushed to produce a vaccine as a… Read More


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