Cabrini welcomes new director of undergraduate admission

By Anna Schmader
August 23, 2021

With many updates and changes occurring at Cabrini, a new voice and face joined the undergraduate admissions staff. This person has shown leadership, strength and support through her journey that landed them at the heart of Cabrini.

Campbell. Photo by Bryn Campbell

Our new Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Bryn Campbell, joined on August 16. Campbell has had 13 years of experience working as an admissions counselor. She always admired Cabrini from a distance and now gets to place herself in the welcoming community. 

Her admissions and enrollment experiences have been active long before finding herself at Cabrini. She previously held these positions at Immaculata, St. Joseph’s and the University of Delaware. Campbell recently worked through counseling roles at Holy Ghost Preparatory School and College MatchPoint where she supported high school students navigating the application process. 

Campbell has found Cabrini to have a committed student body, faculty and staff community. Since she’s worked with different universities, she’s experienced all different types of personalities and challenges through the college process. “You’re not a number, you’re someone we care about,” said Campbell. After explaining her supportive guidance in helping students make their final college decision, she emphasized being passionate, supportive and an intuitive helper.

Campbell family portrait. Photo by Campbell

With all of her amazing and outstanding accomplishments in guiding others, Campbell is active in PACAC (Pennsylvania Association for College Admission Counseling) serving as a PACAC Summer Institute faculty member. She’s worked with Teach for America and MatchPoint College and Career Services. 

As a mother of 3, she understands how teamwork and communicating with each other works. “I always want to try new things,” Campbell said. She’s excited to see how the committed and incredible staff brings the Cabrini community together and how certain aspects can grow/work differently. Her work continues to impress and present itself in a professional form. 

Campbell is very excited to be at Cabrini where her door is always open to listen to students. She’s ready to take her creativity and strategies to the next level recruiting, admitting and enrolling in future classes of Cavaliers.

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Anna Schmader

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