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Please don’t forget violence against black women

As police violence in America is currently being unveiled, I urge you not to forget about the women whose lives were also lost to… Read More

Education majors struggle with field work due to school closings

When the governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, closed all elementary schools on March 16, which was just for 10 days, to monitor COVID-19, Cabrini… Read More

Annual Shirley Dixon celebration of Urban Education: The successfully failed system

Remembering Shirley Dixon This being the first annual Shirley Dixon celebration of Urban Education without Dr. Dixon, faculty did not lament, instead, they honored… Read More

Remembering Dr. Shirley Walker Dixon

On Thursday, Nov. 28, trustee Shirley Walker Dixon passed away with her family by her side in Philadelphia. Looked at as a faculty leader… Read More

Chanel Miller: You will know her name

Brock Turner will no longer have control of her life. She will no longer be just a tragic story, Chanel Miller has finally decided… Read More

You had to be there: Cabrini defeats Amherst in the NCAA Division III lacrosse championship game

The last 10 minutes of the game wasn’t nearly as intense as the first three quarters. The crowd of royal blue knew the Cabrini… Read More

Students react to Miss Philadelphia Organization scholarships

Cabrini students have had mixed opinions when they learned that two women were receiving full scholarships to the university on Saturday, March 26. On… Read More

Do movies portray the mentally ill in a negative light?

As someone who has family suffering from various mental illnesses, I find it annoying to see mentally ill people being portrayed in rather unflattering… Read More

Doris’s story: Rape, the Title IX process and the aftermath

Editor’s note: this report tells the story of one student who says they were raped at another college and how they experienced the Title… Read More

Star Wars slowdown: Disney CEO delays the making and releasing of films

After the release of the latest “Star Wars” film, “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, announced that the company… Read More

Athlete, leader and brother: Anthony Wright-Downing scores 1,000 points

“People thought my basketball career was over after I had my daughter,” Anthony Wright-Downing, senior and small forward on the men’s basketball team, said… Read More

Why the women’s march is so important now more than ever

I was walking down the streets of Center City, the climate and scene was different on this particular day. As I walked, I felt a… Read More

Men’s lacrosse team welcomes new manager

As Cabrini men’s lacrosse team plays through another season, the players are one of the most important assets for all of their success, but… Read More

Men’s and women’s basketball team hosts the 18th annual “Hoops from the Heart” youth clinic

The men’s and women’s basketball team at Cabrini University held it’s 18th annual “Hoops from the Heart” Martin Luther King Day youth basketball clinic… Read More

We are not our grandparents: How this generation differs from previous generations

Over the years, generations have grown and evolved in the way that societies have changed. Generations have proved that they adapt with the environment… Read More

The struggle of being a musician with performance anxiety

I’ve always had a fear of performing in front of a crowd. Whether it was public speaking or playing piano, I always had this… Read More

Music education in schools: a sharp tool for students

With constant budget cuts being established for schools, music programs are suffering. The Huffington Post found that there is a lack of music education… Read More

Black Friday is all fun and games, until you work in retail

Black Friday can be described as “the day people trample others for sales exactly one day after being thankful for everything they already have.”… Read More

Cabrini moves to new athletic conference: what does this mean for athletes?

The Cabrini athletic department has decided to move to a new conference  after being a part of the Colonial States Athletic Conference (CSAC) for… Read More

New phone controls want to fix the amount of time you spend on your phone

Apple and Google released tools to keep track of how many hours one spends on their phone in hopes to reduce the amount of… Read More


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