Alexa Milano

Junior communications major, marketing minor at Cabrini College. News editor of The Loquitur, President of the Campus Activities and Programming (CAP) Board, student ambassador. Enjoys napping and being productive all at the same time; irony at its finest.

Articles by Alexa Milano

‘Out of Order’: Laughs from beginning to end

Cabrini College's "Out of Order" opened this past weekend and provided laughs from beginning to end.

Celebrity Twitter Supporters

Celebrities show their support of the 2012 presidential election via twitter.

Halloween Tradition: Freak Week 2012

A piece of Cabrini's Halloween tradition was able to take place prior to the arrival of Hurricane Sandy.

Swift seeing ‘Red’

For fellow Swifties like myself, we’ve been counting down the days until Taylor Swift’s new album came out. Well, my friends, the day has… Read More

What’s your plan for the Dean’s Fall Holiday?

We want to know what the Cabrini community is doing with their extended weekend.

Adventure Retreat lives up to its name

Cabrini College Campus Ministry organzied its Adventure Retreat at Black Rock Retreat where both a high and a low ropes course were challenged.


The suffering of the Sudanese people is seeming to go unnoticed; the CRS ambassadors took it upon themselves to spread the word through an online petition to get a question about Sudan asked at the presidential debates.

Teachers vs. School Officials: friendly competition or a never-ending battle?

School officials and teachers seem to be in a neverending battle. Perhaps the Chicago Teachers Union is helping to solve this problem.

The True Secret Life of the American Teenager

While most people think teenagers are lazy and immature, in today's society it is very common for teenagers to be taking on a lot of leadership roles and extracurriculars.

Students enjoy AC excursion

The CAP Board of Cabrini College went on their first weekend trip to Atlantic City.

Persia selected as valedictorian and ready for big day

Although Jen Persia, senior elementary and special education major and class of 2014 valedictorian, has had a successful four years at Cabrini, she certainly didn’t enter Cabrini as the same person she is today.

Dr. Donald Taylor and the Cabrini promise

You’re going to hear Dr. Donald Taylor talk a lot about the Cabrini promise. “The promise is going to be, from a retention standpoint, a Cabrini student is a Cabrini student for life. So from the time that we recruit you, we’re going to recruit a very diverse student population."

Oscar movie reviews

A review of three Oscar-nominated movies: Her, Captain Phillips and Gravity.

Mental Illness does not discriminate

The tragic story about 19-year-old University of Pennsylvania freshman Madison Holleran committing suicide by jumping off of a Philadelphia parking garage has made quite… Read More

Active Minds nationally recognized at Mental Health on Campus Conference

Cabrini College's Active Minds chapter won the Chapter of the Year Award at the 10th Mental Health on Campus Conference

4 months. 15 countries. 17 cities.

                    This past fall semester, two Cabrini College students took the voyage of their lives… Read More

Two times the turkey, two times the thanks

Thanksgiving has always been a little different in my world. Now we all still have the turkey and potatoes and stuffing and pie, however,… Read More

Is campus parking really that much of a problem?

Everyone has their gripes about the lack of convenient parking on campus, but is it actually as serious of a problem as we all make it out to be?

Ask Blue, Time Management

My name is Royal Blue but everyone calls me Blue. Did you happen to notice my new makeover? I’m quite in love, email me… Read More

Cabrini College welcomes Conall Gallagher

An unfamiliar face is making himself known on Cabrini’s campus. Conall Gallagher, hailing from Ireland, will be studying at Cabrini for the entire 2013-2014… Read More
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