Ask Blue, Time Management

By Alexa Milano
October 1, 2013

My name is Royal Blue but everyone calls me Blue. Did you happen to notice my new makeover? I’m quite in love, email me your thoughts.
Now that we’re almost half way through the semester and our work is starting to pile up, time management is definitely becoming an issue. Trust me, I know it may be hard to balance homework, extracurriculars, and a social life, however it’s totally doable.
One of my biggest pieces of advice to all you ladies and gents is to set aside a specific amount of time to focus on each task you have to accomplish. Giving yourself a deadline will make you work more efficiently and effectively.
Also, use your time wisely! If you have two hours of free time between your classes, don’t just procrastinate and browse Facebook for the hundredth time of the day, get some work done. Trust me, you’ll feel so much better at the end of the day when you know you got your work done and out of the way.
And although it may seem like you’re spending too much time on work, make sure that no matter what you find time for yourself. It’s fantastic if you’re super productive, but find time to reward yourself. Watch an episode of your favorite TV show or read a chapter of a book before you go to bed. Whatever it is, make sure you find time to do something each day that you enjoy, you deserve it!
But, if you’re new to reading my column, don’t worry, I’ll explain what to do. If you’ve already read my column that’s fine too, you may have forgotten. So here is how my job works. You send me an email to with the subject “Dear Blue.” Then I will read about your situation, it could be about a relationship, school problems, or issues with friends; almost anything!
Well what are you waiting for…? Send those emails!

Yours truly,

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Alexa Milano

Junior communications major, marketing minor at Cabrini College. News editor of The Loquitur, President of the Campus Activities and Programming (CAP) Board, student ambassador. Enjoys napping and being productive all at the same time; irony at its finest.

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