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What the Eagles’ Super Bowl win means to Philadelphia

I remember Super Bowl XXXVIX. The year was 2005, and the Eagles were riding high. I was sitting on my grandmother’s couch in South… Read More

Cabrini embraces foreign students

Going to college is hard for most people. Students from countries other than America attending schools here have an even more complicated time in their… Read More

2nd Amendment still poses issues

With recent shootings reported in the media and the increase in individuals questioning how culprits are able to get their hands on firearms, the Second Amendment… Read More

Twitter users abuse free speech to attack others

Twitter is the ultimate embodiment of free speech in today’s world. Users are free to post their thoughts and feelings on almost any issue… Read More

Adrian Asks: Would You Rather?

Video by Adrian Keeney, Dylan Ashcraft and Sydney Lynch

Jared Kushner uses personal email address

White House senior adviser Jared Kushner has reportedly used his personal email address to communicate with other government officials. The news comes with a… Read More

Talent versus hard work

Thomas Jefferson once wrote, “All men are created equal.” But this is not the case most of the time. While the law recognizes that… Read More

Tom Petty dies at 66, death misreported

Students at Cabrini, both those with and without musical backgrounds, have felt the loss of beloved music icon Tom Petty after he died on Monday,… Read More

Toys ‘R’ Us goes bankrupt, students express nostalgia

Students of Cabrini University have been overtaken with a feeling of nostalgia after hearing that Toys ‘R’ Us is going bankrupt. “I didn’t even realize… Read More

Cabrini nervous as Trump rescinds DACA program

The DACA program grants people who were brought to America illegally by their parents temporary amnesty from deportation, and also allows them to receive… Read More

Acclaimed illusionist Wayne Hoffman performs at Cabrini

Multi-award winning illusionist Wayne Hoffman performed at Cabrini University on Friday, September 1. Hoffman, author of the best-selling book “Mind Candy,” performed his show of… Read More
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