Taking the journey together

By Lia Ferrante
September 21, 2011

Most students go to college to gain a sense of individualism and character, but imagine going to college with your sibling. What about your twin sister? This is true for two freshman women this year, Madison and Alexa Milano. The twins are glad that they are never alone, but are also becoming individuals on campus.

“We already have the reputation of being the ‘twins’ on campus,” Alexa Milano, communication major and business minor, said.

Both girls came into college wanting not to make their twin status a big deal, but with this campus being so small, that was soon forgotten.

“We’re not roommates, but we live on the same floor and we usually don’t get to see each other until the end of the day,” Madison Milano, communication and psychology major, said.

They are both actively involved in the honors LLC (Living Learning Community) at East Residence Hall and both currently work in the SEaL Office, for a work-study program to earn extra cash while being away from home.

“When picking out colleges, we didn’t expect to go to the same one, but Cabrini filled both of our needs for the best education,” Alexa said.

They say it is not that weird going to college together because they grew up in the same household and went through school together already.

“We get more of our own individuality here at Cabrini than we did in high school,” Alexa said.

By growing up in Plymouth Meeting, Pa., adjusting to the area wasn’t difficult at all for the girls.

“We like college life a lot, but it is harder than we thought,” the girls said. “Time management is harder to maintain and the work load is already overwhelming us.”

In addition, dealing with having to make new friends again is also a challenge the girls are starting to face.

“Growing up as a twin, we never dressed alike or when we go out together we never sit next to each other,” Madison said.

The twins strive for their own individuality in college. However they both enjoy knowing that their sister is directly down the hall whenever they need to go to a safe haven.

“Leaving home wasn’t as hard for us as we thought it would be,” the twins said. “We got to go away and start a new chapter of our life with our lifelong best friend.”

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Lia Ferrante

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