By Renee DiPietro
April 26, 2001

While Renee Di Pietro took advantage of her Spanish major in Spain, other students went abroad to merely fulfill their core language requirement. The following is the completion of her journal entry.

by Renee Di Pietro

perspectives editor

July 15, 2001

Second week report. Today is Sunday. Spain is a different place everyday. Some days are harder then others. This weekend was great. We have been going to the new city more this week because the majority of the town hangs out there. We live in the old city but there is more to do in the new city at night.

We are realizing how different the United States is from most countries. In the states it is difficult to recognize a foreigner because we have such a variety of races in our population, but here it is like black and white when a tourist appears.

On Friday night Jeanne and I went running along the ocean horizon and the sun was setting, pretty spectacular. After the run Jeanne, Carolyn, Jacki and I spent the night on a little bench in a plaza chatting about all the foods we missed from back home.

Right now I am sitting on the beach and I can hear the song “As you are” by Talking Heads. A lot of the Spanish radio stations play American artists. America’s influence here shocks me some times and I have to remind myself that I really am in Spain.

Last night the whole group went to a Festival of Folklore concert. The concert took place in a beautiful landscaped park across the street from the school’s campus. The show was remarkable as we watched and listened to the music and dance of many countries rich in folklore.

July 22, 2001

Hola, this week I have completed the majority of my shopping for gifts which has been a great lift off my shoulders. I love the presents that I am bringing home. On Friday during our morning class a Spanish news station filmed us and later that day we also went to the Museum of Cad

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Renee DiPietro

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