As construction on campus increases, student frustrations do too

By Staff Writer
September 28, 2018

Construction on the anticipated parking garage at Cabrini University
Construction on the anticipated parking garage at Cabrini University

Students at Cabrini University are feeling a number of emotions as the school year begins. Students feel excited to see their friends again. Additionally, many feel focused on their future and what is to come. However, students who drive to campus for their classes are feeling more frustrated than anything else. This is due to the construction on campus, which does not leave enough parking spaces to accommodate their arrival. 

Joe Fusco is the director of the Public Safety Department at Cabrini University.

“If students have an active commuter parking pass and are unable to find parking spots on Tuesdays and Thursdays, they are actually allowed to park on res. boulevard between the hours of 7 am-5pm,” Fusco said. “For this great development, this pain point is worth it.”

Construction on the anticipated parking garage at Cabrini University. This photograph was taken by Brooke Fertig.

This construction of a parking garage was announced last Spring, and is in the second phase of upcoming renovations to Cabrini University. The purpose of adding this parking garage to Cabrini is mainly to improve student life. Additionally, it is to make our campus pedestrian friendly.

Gus Feudale is the grounds manager at Cabrini University.

“The construction has definitely caused some parking challenges,” Feudale said. “That said, I feel the campus community has shown a lot of patience and understands that this is all temporary.”

This view of the parking lot was taken from the very last row, behind Founder’s Hall. This photograph was taken by Brooke Fertig.

Students at Cabrini University, need a parking permit. With the lack of physical spaces, students are feeling frustrated that they are paying for a permit. A parking permit grants the driver access to parking in any of Cabrini’s parking spaces, however, does not guarantee a spot. 

“I can’t wait for the new parking garage to be built and for more parking to be available at Cabrini for future students,” senior business major Matthew Keelan said. “I live in West Residence Hall this year and have a parking pass for the West lot, but parking is so limited that I usually end up parking my car at house 2, which is near the freshman dorms. More parking spaces are definitely needed, and I am happy that is being addressed for future cavaliers.”

Certain spots remain inaccessible to students, due to construction on campus. This photograph was taken by Brooke Fertig

An approved commuter permit for one semester is priced at $35 plus $5.95 shipping. Since it is common for students to purchase permits based on the semester themselves, this adds up. If a student purchases this twice, the student would have spent $81.90 this school year in permits alone.

“It is terrible parking on campus,” Trent Vernon, a commuting marketing student, said. “I do not think they should give out parking tickets until the constructions done.” 

One thing that is important to note is the time of day students and faculty are arriving at Cabrini and attempting to park their cars. David Madway, an instructor in the mathematics department has not had an issue.

“I have not encountered parking problems yet. I have an 8:15 class on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, and there are always spaces available at that time…However, on Mondays and Wednesdays, I start at 9:40. I am here by 8:30 to 8:45 and notice the parking lot a lot fuller,” Madway said. “I do not anticipate parking being a problem for me this semester.”

Faculty and staff of Cabrini University are encouraged to park off campus in the Church of the Savior lot. After parking there, they will be shuttled over to the University. There was an “off-campus parking lottery” instated, due to the lack of 70 volunteers needed to park off campus.

As Cabrini opens its doors to more students, it will soon be able to accommodate them by opening its garage too.

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