A role model’s role should be taken seriously

By Monica Burke
September 29, 2006

“That’s hot!” The popular colloquium used by American youth today is credited to Paris Hilton.

“The Simple Life,” popular with kids and adults alike has invaded the American household.

This invasion has brought with it a commentary on popular culture. Speech, fashion and the overall theme of American life has been distorted by two ditzy heiresses. At the heart of the show viewers mostly see their antics as amusing, often staged. However are they doing more harm then good?

From the perspective of a college student, Hilton and Ritchie’s show is amusing, but mostly taken lightly. I personally have watched “The Simple Life.” For me it is a guilty pleasure, something that is so deliciously offbeat that it captures an audience.

But how does someone a bit younger view Paris and Nicole? I asked high school freshman Elizabeth Gillespie her feelings about the show. “They’re dumb; really no one can be that stupid. I watch it. The fact that they are so stupid actually makes it good television.”

Another factor to be brought into the mix is Nicole Ritchie’s weight. She has wasted away into a stick-figure as the series has progressed. Whether she realizes it or not, Nicole is a role model to impressionable young girls.

When the next season of “The Simple Life” airs will you be tuning in?

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Monica Burke

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