Application of the Week: Wordsmith

By Olivia Torrence
January 23, 2011

Do you enjoy a nice game of Scrabble? Would you rather be playing that instead of listening to your teacher lecture in class? Well the Wordsmith application can be the solution to your boredom, as it is available on your android, iPhone and iPod touch.

Scrabble, a board game played by millions for decades, can be played on a smart phone by means of several applications. Scrabble and Wordsmith are two leading contenders.

There are many positive attributes that this application offers for its users. The best feature about the Wordsmith app is that it’s free! There is a 50 game maximum on the free application, so when that runs out, the full version is available for download which costs a measley $1.99.

What could be better than a free game of Scrabble mid-class or even during a work conference? With there being no sound, it is a very easy game to hide, so no one will even know what you’re doing.

The game is set up on a Scrabble type board with triple-word and double-word spaces, as well as triple-letter and double-letter spaces. These spaces, if used during play, can earn you more points towards your overall score.

While playing this application, it allows you to compete against players that are on wordsmith at the same time. If you know someone who has the Wordsmith application, you can invite them to join the same game and play against them. You can play up to three games at a time.

You receive seven tiles at a time just like in the game of Scrabble, and the amount of points that each letter is worth are located in the corner of each tile. These allow for players to easily keep track of their points.

The majority of  reviews for Wordsmith couldn’t be any better! “Great app! Wordsmith rocks!” and “So addicting.” But of course there are always reviews. “This app takes forever. I forget I even have it.”

The only negative attribute about this game is that it is very time consuming and hurts your brain. But everyone already knows that going into a game of Scrabble. Don’t worry though, this will keep you entertained for a whole day of classes.

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Olivia Torrence

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