Application of the week: Text’nDrive

By Diana Campeggio
October 18, 2010

As many states and cities crack down on cell phone use while driving, this application prevents these laws from obstructing your productivity while driving.  The Text’nDrive app connects to your email provider and reads emails to you while you’re driving.

In a world where people are attached to their technologies, this app appeals to those of us who need to always be connected.  It is good for those people who spend a great deal of time commuting and feel they need to increase their efficiency while they are behind the wheel.  It eliminates the need to take concentration away from the road and reach for your phone to read or send an email.

This app requires no typing while driving to work and reads your emails out loud without even picking up your phone.  This creates a safer environment for those who need to multitask while driving.

This easy-to-use app works by connecting to your email provider and reading the content of the email to you while you are driving.  Before you begin to drive, just turn the app on and you are ready to go.  This will continually check your email service and once you receive and email, it will open it and read it to you aloud.

This application helps people to remain responsible drivers and keep their eyes on the road.  Everyone has been tempted to use their phone and needed to send or read an important email while they were driving and this offers a safer way to do just that.

The app uses text-to-speech technology to read the messages to you in and clear and easy to understand voice.  The lite version of this app allows you to hear 45 words of the email.

This application is a free app, but the pro version can be downloaded for $9.99 a year for Blackberry and $9.99 for a lifetime for the iPhone.  The pro version has several upgraded features that the lite version does not.

In the pro version of this app, you can even response to your emails. A user can record a response to an email and send the voice recording in an email.  The recording will be an mp3 that the receiver can open and listen to.  This prevents people from needing to pick up their phone and type a response to an email that they receive and they keep their focus on the road.

This version also has the option to read the emails to you in your own voice instead of a digital voice.  While the lite version only reads the 45 beginning words of the email, the pro version will read over 400 words.

Using your phone to send an email, or even checking an email, can be potentially dangerous for you and others on the road.  Typing while driving is easily becoming one of the highest causes of automobile accidents in the United States and laws preventing “texting while driving” are being enforced in many cities and states.  It is putting the driver and anyone else on the road in danger of injury or death.

People are not going to stop using their phones while driving, but now they can use them in a safer manner with this application.

Any speaker device that you currently have for your phone is all you need to run this application effectively.  It can be run on any hands-free including speakerphones, Bluetooth headsets or built-in car systems.  It also does not affect the speed of your phone, like some other application.

This app is compatible with most email providers but people should check to make sure that this app would work with their particular email service before they download the application.

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Diana Campeggio

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