Application of the Week: Tap Zoo

By Jeny Varughese
February 2, 2011

Do you love going to the zoo often? Now you can grow your own island full of animals using Tap Zoo. This application is free and is available to download for all iPhones, iPads and iPod touch.

The object of the game is to build a safari island using different animals and attractions available in the store.

After installing the game you are provided with one star and 300 coins to start the game, which are the two types of currency used to play the game. Then you are prompted to go to the store and buy gorillas to start off the game. Your zoo is graded and that can be seen at the top of the screen.

The animals reward the coins at certain intervals during the game. Stars can either be purchased or earned by downloading certain apps. Also, coins can be collected by visiting neighboring islands and caring for sick animals. To increase visitors and to get a good grade you have to clean the island. As you advance each level a different animal is unlocked to be purchased.

You can invite friends to be your neighbors on Tap Zoo by using your contact list or by connecting to Facebook. FingerGaming, a site dedicated to listing the top-grossing game apps, list Tap Zoo as the second highest grossing title of the week.

Jeny Varughese

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