Application of the Week: Pink Pad

By MaryKate McCann
January 25, 2012

Are you a busy, active female who has trouble keeping track of your period? Well, I found an app that allows women to track their weight and plan/prevent pregnancy.

Pink Pad is the world’s first cross-platform period and fertility mobile app. This app is simple and extremely easy to navigate. It has a female calendar that gives women a visual understanding of the stages they may be going through. All you have to do is enter your past periods and Pink Pad will predict future ones, as well as ovulation and fertile days, or your due date if you are pregnant. Not only does it do all that, it also tracks weight, basal body temperature, mood, cramps and spotting.

No female enjoys that mini heart attack when you think you’re late, or that surprise you get when you forgot it was that time of month. The majority of us women are always running around, thinking of errands we have to do, homework that has to get finished, bills that have to get paid and a thousand other things.  Why should we have to worry about mother nature too?

Most of us could say that we live by our smart phone. After downloading the app, the trouble of remembering to take your pill or being prepared for your period is not a problem. Pink Pad does all the work for you.

This app is designed to look like a notebook and the different sections are accessed by tabs on the side of the screen. When you tap a tab the page appears to turn and you’re taken to the sections. This app allows users to create a free account and connect with the  global community.

The goal of the company is addressing women’s health. Through Pink Pad, women can get support and exchange information about their health. Pink Pad has the integrated community that takes advantage of all-native user interface technology that is extremely fast and is easy on users’ data plans.

Pink Pad is available on the iPod touch, iPhone, Andriod and iTunes.

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MaryKate McCann

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