Application of the Week: IMDb

By Amanda Toth
March 28, 2012

The IMDb application is all about movies, TV shows, actors and actresses.  This app has new and old trailers from movies as well as celebrity, movie and TV news.

When using the app, users are able to look up show times at local theaters, TV listings, recaps of shows from the previous night, upcoming movies and the newest DVD releases.

IMDb also allows users to look up cast information as well as other projects the stars have worked on.

A popular feature on this app is the “memorable quotes” section.  For most movies, there will be a “Memorable Quotes” section where users can look up quotes from their favorite movies.  The quotes credit the person who said it and they are mostly in order of the scenes.

Some fun features of this app are the celebrity news and information, celebrity trvia, pictures of different actors as well as pictures from different movies and TV shows and different events.There is also a list of nominations and awards.

If this app is used a lot or the user just wants to go back to a previous search, there is a search history that can be accessed so that there is a way to go back to the previous searches. Users can also create a “watch list” of the movies that are coming out or are out now that they wish to watch.  When there is a movie coming out that the user wants to watch, they can put it in their watch list and they can look up show times near their location.  They can watch the trailers and read the synopsis and reviews before going.

IMDb is a one-stop shop for all things movie and television.  It is a great way to find out who actresses and actors are too. All one has to do is type the movie title into the search bar then select the movie and look at the cast list.

This application is available for free in the App Store and Android market.

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Amanda Toth

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