Application of the week: Blancspot

By Melissa Szymborski
March 9, 2011

Trying to stay in touch with the world news and celebrity drama can sometimes get tricky. Sometimes you’ll find yourself doing most of this type of reading during that one class you can’t seem to get through.

For those of you who have a smart phone, surfing the net may get tricky and sometimes you’ll find you get false news. If this sounds like you, there’s an app for that!

Blancspot allows you to sign up to be able to connect with your friends and see what your friends are reading. This option also allows them to suggest articles for you to read according to what your friends suggest.

With social networking at an all-time high, Blancspot allows you to follow your friends as well as keeping up with the news, whether it is celebrity drama or world news. This application is free for all iPhone users.

Blancspot Media, LLC was recently launched in late February  and has gotten some great reviews. Blancspot can give you the information you’re looking for within 5 to 10 minutes. This app is different because it does have sound and it puts you right there; it makes the article more intriguing to read.

Blancspot has different categories you can choose from, so if you’re looking for a specific topic just go right to the dashboard and scroll down and you’ll find a selection of sports, business, politics, culture, war room, the planet and technology.

This app offers a great setup of pictures and the articles you read are short and to the point but most importantly factual.

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Melissa Szymborski

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