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By Kelsey Alvino
September 27, 2010

No one likes to study for a test. High lighting books, making flash cards and filling out study guides are no fun. Being so time consuming you do not even want to look at the information after you spent so long writing it down. But all of this is about to change. Thanks to Flashcards Deluxe, a free app, writing out study guides is a thing of the past.  Save your time energy and attentiveness reviewing for material not writing it down.

Flashcards Deluxe is a powerful flashcard app that you can use to study. Offering a wide variety of subject material you can use it to study just about any subject.

With a two million plus flashcard and information about you are bound to get great information to study right on your phone. Flashcards Deluxe offers popular texts books for the subject you select.

After you pick what text book is used in your particular class, Flashcards Deluxe will make up a study guide for you using key facts and points in the book.

Along with facts and descriptions Flashcards Deluxe also offers pictures, sounds and auto repeat graders. This feature is good for subjects such as anatomy, biology or foreign language classes.

With either a flash card or practice test format, Flashcards Deluxe will grade your level of knowledge on the facts and continue to ask the questions you got incorrect.

Divided into three categories of the level of appropriate response your answer could fall under “wrong, I kind of know, I know really well.” This will let you know what you should continue to review and what you already have down.

Along with focusing on turning your weaknesses into strengths, Flashcards Deluxe will organize all study guides you have used throughout the year into one. This will make studying for finals and exams very helpful and convenient. You can skip the long hours of working on study guides and just go back to the work you have previously saved on your phone.

This application can save you time, liveliness and your sanity while studying for a test. With total access to millions of test prepping features that are 100 percent free it would be foolish to not take a look at this amazing and helpful app.

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Kelsey Alvino

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