Apple staying on top

By James Crowell
October 6, 2010

With their sleek iPhones, versatile iPads, popular Macintosh personal computers and ever-present iPods, Apple is always top news in technology blogs, featured in top newspaper publications and highlighted in cable television news programs.

According to the Pew Research Center Project for Excellence in Journalism in their research published Sept. 27, Apple gets more coverage from the media than any other technology-based company.

Apple has a carefully crafted and orchestrated public relations strategy.  There is no question about that and their marketing strategy maintains itself as iconic and instantly recognized for its 35-year existence.

On the Standard & Poor’s 500 market index, Apple is close to eclipsing the market value of No. 1 global company, Exxon.

I currently own an iPhone, an iPad, a MacBook Pro and I at one time owned several iPods.  I will say without any doubt in my mind that Apple is a company that has reached me and told me that buying their products is worth their high prices.  I own many Apple products and am not surprised to read that a large chunk of media coverage goes towards covering the colossal technology corporation based in Cupertino, Calif.

Steve Jobs has been the CEO of Apple Inc. since its inception and has been the driving force behind all of their huge product launches since the first iPod launch in 2001.  Jobs is a powerhouse when it comes to painstakingly taking part in design and crafting the products that come out of Cupertino.

Apple triumphs as a technology company and in my view has some of the best cell phones and personal computers available on the market today.  Yes, it is true that the cost of iPhones and iMacs is expensive and may not be within the grasp for many people.  I will argue however that for the quality and the lifespan of their products, Apple’s technology cannot be outdone by Sony or Dell or Microsoft or any other company.

Apple has been a growing company since its inception in 1976. In its over 30 years it has become one of the largest American companies. -- MCT

I think that Apple has been and will continue to be a very successful company in terms of making excellent computers, phones and iPods, and in terms of being able to market why their products are better and worth more than Sony’s devices, Google’s phones or Dell’s desktop computers.

The actual “unboxing” of any Apple device is an experience itself.  I have bought many Apple products and I will say that I seriously enjoy taking apart the packing contents of a new iPhone, or when I unboxed my MacBook Pro for the first time, I really liked how simple and uncomplicated the product was placed in the box.

And now that I think of it, that explains why Apple is so popular and why the media covers the technology company so much; it is because simple and uncomplicated is one of Apple’s approaches to their products.  The words ‘simple and uncomplicated’ explain all of the actual reasons why many people like to buy and own Apple products.

I have my own belief; products made by Apple just work.

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James Crowell

Senior com major at Cabrini College. Technical Director for LOQation. On-Air personality on WYBF-FM. Past News editor for The Loquitur, 2011-12. Passion for videography, tech news & quantum mechanics. Follow me @JamesCrowellJr

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