Application of the week: Pulse

By MaryKate McCann
February 15, 2012

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to read about the news in your area, the country or around the world? Allow me to introduce you to the Pulse News Reader app. It supplies news about entertainment, sports, food, celebrity drama and anything else you might be interested in.

You can get educated about all kinds of news in the palm of your hands.

When you first open the app, it gives you a visual representation with pictures of different news with a small text headline attached. By clicking on the spoke-wheel on the top left corner, you can browse the catalog and add different sources. You can choose a pack of technology, gaming, politics and science, or just browse their catalog. Based on what you choose, you are able to arrange them to your best interests.

It can vary from sports and The Wall Street Journal to food recipes and MTV news.

Pulse can also update itself about traditional sources, favorite blogs and social networks.

Sharing stories is so easy with quick links from the menu button. The opportunity to experience the news you want from options you can choose from are endless.

Once news interests are selected the rest is a piece of cake. Just tap on an article to see a clean, legible view of the news story. Even on a small screen, all your content is in one place. You may come across a story you enjoyed reading and would like to save it to read later. In that case, sync them with Instapaper and you will always have easy access to them.

Pulse was founded by two graduate students, Ankit Gupta and Akshay Kothari, in May 2010. Their inspiration came from their Institute of Design course at Stanford. Trying to read about the news on their mobile devices was frustrating and disappointing.

Pulse is available for free download on iTunes and Android market.

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MaryKate McCann

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