App of the Week: Google Shopper

By Katie Bonanni
April 22, 2011

Google Shopper is this week’s hottest app. When downloaded to your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android, it helps you find millions of products by scanning a bar code, taking a picture of a DVD, book, CD or video game. You can also say the name of a product and it will help you find the best price online. Essentially, it is a mobile search engine for products. It lets you compare prices, read reviews and make your decision before you ever have to open your wallet.

Google Shopper provides detailed product information. It can find prices, reviews and specs. It can help you find nearby stores, then call them to get directions. This app can go as far as checking on the inventory at any particular store. If you find something you want to share with your friends, just click the link to post to GmailFacebook or Twitter.

If you want a companion to help you with your purchasing decision, download Google Shopper for your smart phone.

On, one satisfied customer called Google Shopper “Alien Technology from the future.” Another user said that the search is just plain awesome. This app’s speed and accuracy at taking photos will blow your mind away. It connects directly to “Google Shopping.”

The app’s history list allows you to return to any past search if you change your mind and decide to buy a product. You can also mark your favorite products with a gold star.

This app has been available to Android users for over a year now, but a free version was just made available to iPhone users.

Google Shopper is a part of a growing list of similar mobile apps such as “Price Check app,” “Scandit” and “RedLaser.” Users who have tried all of these apps have said that Google Shopper is the easiest and most efficient mobile shopping app out there.




Katie Bonanni

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