App of the Week goes on the Road

By Carol Dwyer
September 22, 2010

Get ready to head out on the road with the Android-friendly smartphone app for today’s tech-savvy travelers.  OnTheRoad is an app that lets the user to put together travel stories complete with multimedia to give memories something extra.  The ontheroad website credits entrepreneur Michal Blaha with the creation of this travel-oriented smartphone app.

The app has a screen with four tabs for easy navigation, like those found along the top of any Facebook user’s profile.   The main tab lets a user add his or her location to a story, as well as photos, videos and trip updates.  Two other tabs indicate where trips and published stories can be found, while one more tab is used as a comment section.

Upon selecting the app to download, a short description states that trips can be posted on social networking sites.  With this function, someone using OnTheRoad will be able to share stories with a wider audience and more quickly.  This could even be useful for someone who wishes to market his or herself into professional travel journalism.

OnTheRoad is free to download, which is always helpful for keeping that smartphone bill down as much as possible.  It is one less smartphone app that costs you to download it, when there are so many apps that charge a fee.  When getting ready to download it, there is a notice regarding SMS messages that may cost the user.

Another bonus is the time-saver aspect of this app when it comes to posting travel stories.  If someone is not actually using the app, he or she can save stories to the smartphone.  The app can always upload not just one, but multiple travel stories together the next time it is opened.

Who couldn’t use an app that saves some extra time, while preserving favorite travel memories in a cool new way?  Imagine going on a weekend road trip to Baltimore with friends, when nobody wants to be tied down to a computer.  After all, today is about having greater and greater mobility in regards to new tech gadgets on the market.

Grab some lunch at an eatery with a view of the harbor, then share a review of the dining atmosphere to others back home.  Post thoughts on any interesting stores or other places seem to reflect the atmosphere and mood in the city of Baltimore.  Take a harbor cruise, visit the aquarium and other area attractions all while recording the overall trip.

Soon enough, the entire weekend road trip to Baltimore is a complete work of travel memories in the OnTheRoad app.

Going to study abroad for a semester or even just a short break in Europe sometime in the near future?  OnTheRoad will be very useful in capturing and sharing those extraordinary journeys across the pond, as stops are made at art museums and castles.  Loved ones can follow those journeys with any updates added while going along on any tours of cities and countrysides.

Now there will be an entire semester-abroad experience in one hand as well as any social networking sites it is shared with.

Maybe the trip is simply some exploring and coming across hidden gems in the local area for the first time.  If a person finds something that makes a great photo or even an interesting story, that is another moment to use OnTheRoad.  Share some videos of that local excursion with your family and friends as well, so they will have a virtual tour.

Anyone who loves to travel, along with using multimedia, would enjoy the easy-to-use OnTheRoad smartphone app.  Whatever the destination, people are seen pointing a camera at a tourist site to take stills and video of their travels.  Therefore, it seems that a very large population will be able to make use of this particular travel app.

With the ability to record travels in text as well, OnTheRoad lets someone tell their stories with a variety of formats.  For those that the travel stories are shared with, some may like to read about it, while others may love the visual aspects.  This is what helps to make OnTheRoad a user-friendly app on both sides, travel story author and follower.

According to the 101bestandroidapps website, this handy app has gained a top notch accolade from a reputable name in travel.  So give OnTheRoad a try, and share those travel experiences like a pro straight from the Travel Channel.

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Carol Dwyer

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