Application of the Week: Urbanspoon

By Sean Collins
February 22, 2012

Do you want to find great local places to eat that actually might be reasonable in price? Are you looking for a decent restaurant that won’t break the bank?

This is where Urbanspoon comes in. Urbanspoon is a free app available for smartphones and computers. You can join it as a website or add it as an app.

Everybody is on a budget now and wants to save money. However, every college student also needs a break from campus dining.

It’s also easy to use. Click on the neighborhood or town that you wish to search. Pick your price range and location and Urbanspoon does all the rest. You’ll get the address, customer reviews and even photos.

Customers are welcome to rate the restaurant by liking or disliking it. The restaurants available are chosen from the Philly area’s best.

Realistic critic reviews are also available to users who would like a second opinion on the restaurant before they visit. These reviews include such details as the quality of the food, atmosphere and if they are worth the trip.

This is the perfect app for people new to the area, particularly college students. Students will want good local food but at low prices, can set a limit.

On the app, you can also get tweets from the restaurant’s chefs and staff. It’s like a GPS for food.

Also featured is a selection called “cuisines.” With this, you can decide what type of restaurant you want to eat at.

This feature opens availability to those without smartphones. It also makes it perfect for planning weekend adventures in the city.

The best eats Philly has to offer are finally available with a few clicks or taps. This app makes finding a place to eat much less of a challenge.

Urbanspoon is available for a free download on iTunes and Android Market.

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Sean Collins

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