And they lived happily ever after

By Nina Scimenes
February 12, 2004


Cameras flock to celebrity couples left and right. Trying to live a life without the drama is not easy. Staying out of the public’s eye and living a private life are what most students believe is ideal for Hollywood stars. Most of Cabrini’s students believe that couples who do not have added attention to them are better off.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are infamous for being the topic of conversation in entertainment news on television. Before their wedding was called off just days before the scheduled date, Sept. 14, a six-carat, pink diamond engagement ring was the center of the tabloid’s attention. Even after canceling an extravagant Hollywood wedding, Affleck and Lopez are still one of the most talked about celebrity couples.

College student viewers have strong reactions to the media’s coverage of Affleck and J. Lo., calling off their wedding. “I’m sick of seeing them every time I flip through the channels,” Matt Gallagher said. People are tired of hearing about “Bennifer” stories. “The breakup is definitely a publicity stunt; they will probably get back together once their popularity drops,” junior Stephanie Christ said.

A well-liked Hollywood couple is Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. They have been married since 2000. That is still considered a young marriage, but they are mostly well known for having the best of both worlds because they have good publicity, and “live a somewhat drama-free life,” Christ said. Some feel that keeping to themselves is to Pitt and Aniston’s advantage.

“Newlyweds” couple Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey share even more memorable moments on a second season of 20 episodes on MTV. This series has turned the spotlight on the couple’s private life and career life. Granted, Simpson does not know how to work the washing machine after purchasing bed sheets for $1,400, and she forgets to look at the receipt before signing over a $700 bill for designer lingerie, America can’t get enough “Jess and Nick are perfect for each other. I love watching them,” junior Jen Keller said.

On Wednesday nights on MTV after “Newlyweds,” Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro share their unique love with cameras on a new series, “‘Til Death Do Us Part”. For the couple’s wedding invitation they had a professional photograph taken of them. Their photograph for the invitation was them made-up to appear dead lying on a cadaver table, symbolizing the death of their single life.

“I think Carmen Electra is just in love with the attention she gets when she’s with Dave,” Christ said. Electra is not a virgin to having cameras involved in her wedding plans. The media covered her nuptials to Dennis Rodman, dressed in a bridal gown, in 1998. Rodman and Electra’s marriage ended prematurely nine days later.

Gossip has it that one of Hollywood’s newest couples, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, are planning a spring wedding. The age gap is the biggest concern with the public.

“I think it’s gross when the girl is older than the guy. I won’t date anyone who’s not at least a day older than me,” Jordan Edwards said.

Love in the limelight is not always an easy thing to stay updated with. Who knew Britney Spears would get hitched in the Little White Wedding Chapel on Las Vegas Strip.

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Nina Scimenes

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