America judges Abdul’s comeback

By Christine Graf
February 14, 2008


The tables have turned as American Idol judge Paula Abdul performed at the Super Bowl pregame show Sunday, Feb. 3, while America judged. The pressure was on as Abdul attempted a comeback after over a decade of not performing, but judging others on their performances.

“I liked how she started it out with an old school song. All in all it was a good performance, but I don’t know if I would say hers was my favorite though,” Lauren Aiken, a senior English and communications major, said.

“All I wanna do is dance like there’s no tomorrow,” Abdul belted, or lip-synced, as several tabloids have suggested. There are mixed emotions about just how well Abdul really did considering how many American performers Abdul has judged over the last six seasons of American Idol.

“She [Abdul] did well, her dancing was good, but she is out of her prime. She should sing songs that are more for her age,” Randi Tate, a freshman pre- nursing major, said.

“I thought her performance was pretty good, her outfit was attractive and she really worked the crowd the entire time she was on the stage. I liked it,” Bryan Church, a freshman history and secondary education major, said.

Cabrini College alumnus Paul Marturano who knows Abdul on a more “personal” level (he was the Paula Abdul stalker from the Philadelphia tryouts of American Idol) was not impressed one bit. Marturano is also a performer and feels Abdul blew her comeback performance and maybe even her reputation as an American Idol judge.

“Most American Idol contestants will no longer respect her opinion as a judge,” Marturano said.

Marturano was supposed to be a press person for WIRN radio station and cover the Super Bowl, but FOX and the NFL decided he would be a liability and a threat to Abdul. Marturano disagreed and even implied he probably would have done a better job performing the pregame show than Abdul.

“If you put me and a piano plus Paula and any instrument of her choice on stage, I would out perform her and put her to shame,” Marturano said.

And for the record, “after Paula’s performance, I am officially no longer ‘stalking’ her,” Marturano said.

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Christine Graf

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