All Saints Day

By Kelsey Alvino
October 27, 2010

Every person living on earth is called to holiness. On this day catholics recognize saints as saints because they have been brought closer to God by prayer or missionary work and have been formally recognized by the church.

Many people know All Saints Day simply as the day after Halloween. Bering no significance or importance what so ever, many students remember this day as a day off from school to aid to recover from a fun halloweeen night.  Fr. Carl Janicki, director of campus ministry, says All Saints Day is an extremely important religious holiday, one that has a lot of power behind it.

To be formally named a saint a local bishop recognizes ones work and strengths through God, leaving the work of one’s life with a sense of power that can only be measured beside those of God.

Just recently the first saint from Australia was Mary MacKillop. She was believed to have been involved in two miracles, one in which individuals were cured of cancer. In her life time Mary devoted her time spreading education all throughout Australia.

“Beinging named a saint is recognition to become a role model in the church. Helping the church through tough times, they extend the work of the Lord ,” Janicki said.

Many people believe that saints are picked or born destined to serve God. However God gives everyone the chance to become a saint and wants those who believe in his words to live in a way that is close and connected with faith and the spirit of the lord.

“To be canonized is to become recognized as holy, not everyone who is canonized is a saint but God calls everyone to practice this way of living ,” Janicki said.

“Often times the words we read are examples of how to live in regard to our thoughts on God and our neighbor ,” Janicki said.

On All Saints Day catholics come together as a community to worship the Saints in heaven that have  helped the world through the word of God.
Father Janicki he mentioned the power and love that is experienced during All Souls day. Unlike all saints day, everyone has been a part of someone’s life that have passed away.

“The question, ‘what happens after you die’ always makes people very uneasy.November is the month of the death, All souls day is an extremely important day to remember life and the ones that have died, we pray for their souls ,” Janicki said.

Kelsey Alvino

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