Alex’s Lemonade raises money for cancer

By Victoria Tarver
May 3, 2012

Everyone is affected by cancer, whether you yourself or someone that you know has it or has had it.

In this upcoming year there will be about 564,800 Americans expected to die of cancer. Researchers have been searching for a cure for years.

The goal of Alex’s Lemonade Stand is to raise money, awareness and use that money towards cancer research for cures and treatments.

Cabrini College has stepped in for the fight against cancer starting with the healthy cooking demo in the Cavs Corner for the lemon-themed lunch. For lunch, the students were able to make lemon grass chicken soup sprinkled with a piece of basil on the top while the chef gave them a demo.

The Cavs Corner was decorated with yellow balloons coming from the tables and chairs. There were also yellow ribbons and bows wrapped around the pillars throughout the room. While lunch was going on, students were able to stop at the health hut to learn some facts about cancer. Students were also given the opportunity to purchase the $10 tee shirt that said “Cabrini College supports Alex’s Lemonade Stand” and on the front the slogan was “Got Lemonade?”

The cost of cancer is sometimes not affordable for many families. The National Cancer Institute estimates 107 billion each year for the direct medical cost. Treatment of breast, lung and prostate cancers are accounted for over half of the direct medical costs. With the help of dining services and Cabrini students they raised a total of $434 to support Alex’s Lemonade Stand.

“I think it is an amazingly beautiful effort of Cabrini to help raise funds to help cancer patients pay for treatments,”  junior excersice science Carol Ann Porter said.

Alex’s Lemonade Stand has funded more than 200 research projects and Cabrini was able to help contribute to this life changing cause. Many lives have been effected by this because they were given hopes that cancer could be cured.

The “sixth annual Alex’s Lemonade Stand lemon themed dinner was the kick off to started the fundraiser. As people entered Cav’s Corner they were greeted with big bowls of lemon heads in honor of the fight for cancer.

There was an array of foods lined out for the special meal prepared by dining services. It took about five hours for the chefs to prep and cook for this special event.

Staff, students, faculty and friends were given the choice of Lemon Ginger Grilled Chicken with a side of potatoes with seasoning sprinkled on the top and broccoli. At the action station there was fried tofu. The deli offered a Lemon Tarragon Chicken Wrap. At the Red Hot station you were able to get the freshly Sautéed Shrimp Pasta.

The official Alex’s Lemonade Stand was held in Grace Hall where you were able to buy your $1 cup of lemonade and also still buy the t-shirt.

Porter thinks that Cabrini should definately continue to do Alex’s Lemonade Stand next year. “So many people’s lives have been touched in some way by cancer,” Porter said. “Since cancer continues, so must our love and support for all those going through it themselves or with their loved ones.”

“The food was great for the lemon themed dinner,” sophmore John Eddings said. “We should have good food like this more often.”

“Cabrini is doing a great job at raising money and promoting Alex’s Lemonade Stand, especially with the great Cav’s Corner theme,” freshman communications major Chasity Brower said.


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Victoria Tarver

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