AirPods: fleeting trend or healthy investment?

By Roderick Miller
February 18, 2019


Apple Logo: By Roderick Miller

As you see in the world today most trends get real big momentarily then eventually die out. It doesn’t seem that that way with Apple’s new invention of the Apple AirPods.

The very strategic plan for Apple’s inventions was something spectacular. If you all don’t know, AirPods are Bluetooth head phones that just need to be charged and can be connected to any device.

You heard that right. There in fact is no need for a connected wire. As everyone knows the newer Apple products need to be adapted  with an extra adapter piece. Even the newer wired headphones need to be plugged into a device to work.

Air pods: By Roderick Miller

As a consumer of Apple products, I could not be anymore ecstatic for this brand-new invention brought to our eyes. I honestly can say it stinks having wired headphones. Wired headphones tend to get tangled.

I’ve even had an experienced where my wired headphones got tangled so bad they broke. A piece of rubber on the part you would plug into your device ripped causing static to my music. Obviously, this caused frustration and I always wanted Apple to come up with a way its consumers didn’t have to use wired headphones.

Apple headphones are amazing with great quality. The headphones also have a good reputation to be durable and are worth the money you spend on them.  According to Apple AirPods cost $159.

Apple made great marketing moves to in fact go in business with Beats by Dre. This was a very smart move because with Beats by Dre they did develop wireless beats. This to me as a consumer made me feel very happy. The only thing about this is I have a smaller head so wearing big bulky beats all the time was a struggle.

So, I would still be faced with wearing the original headphones with wire. As time went on I see all over that Apple had released a product called the Apple AirPods. This showed that Apple, in fact, listens to its customers wants.

I don’t personally have the AirPods yet but I am in the process of getting them. At the specific time they came on the market I went to go get them but they were all sold out. Just as a bystander I see friends who have them and I see how mobile, comfortable and relaxed they look with the AirPods in.

The Apple AirPods trend, in my opinion, won’t ever fade. I say this because Apple always finds a way to add more to make their products better. In my opinion, if the Apple air pods stop selling as much Apple will have already added a new feature to make you want the newer version.

Headphones also don’t go out of style. I know I always want to listen to music and what better way to listen to music than in comfort with headphones that don’t seem to be there while wearing them.


Air Pod charging box: By Roderick Miller

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Roderick Miller

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