‘After Lately’ keeps viewers laughing for more

By Laura Gallagher
February 1, 2012

"After Lately" is a show focused on the before and after of "Chelsea Lately"

If you are looking for a new television show that will make you laugh there is no one better then Chelsea Handler and her outgoing staff writers. The show “After Lately,” which airs on Sunday at 11 p.m. /10 p.m. central on the E! network, is about what goes on before and after her show “Chelsea Lately.” This is “After Lately’s” second season.

The show is a scripted version of what they do to produce a good show for Handler’s late-night talk show. It is similar to the show “The Office,” the only difference is the vulgarity of the jokes. The characters in the show are usually pulling pranks on each other, fighting over issues at the office, competing to get Handler’s attention and improvising. Handler, along with Tom Brunelle, created the show. It is directed by Jay Karas and the co-executive producers are Brad Wollack and Johnny Milord. Borderline Amazing Productions produced the show.

The main characters include Chuy Bravo, Handler’s assistant who is from Mexico and has a very small stature. A fan favorite from “Chelsea Lately,” he does outlandish things to entertain her on the show. Wollack is a comedian on the show who Chelsea picks on the most. She tends to make jokes about his appearance and overall self. Heather McDonald is another comedian who portrays a materialistic woman who loves attention and the Hollywood lifestyle. There are a lot of other people on the show who have different and unique personalities to make the show entertaining.

The cameras follow the staff throughout the office like a documentary. Cast members can talk one-on-one with the camera in a confessional manner about how they feel at that moment. It can be a way of getting their perspective as well as showing more of their personality and sense of humor. Actual things that occur behind the scenes of Chelsea Lately inspire many of the events that take place in the office and on the show.

Handler comes off in the show as a very smart-mouthed boss who can be friends with her co-workers but often makes fun of them. She will sometimes play favorites and there are certain people she will always pick on. She has come very far in her career and her fan base continues to grow.  A lot of people seem to like her because she has no filter and is very witty. There never seems to be a dull moment in her life. Each episode usually consists of a guest appearance. The last season and the current season have brought in household names such as Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Jay Leno, Justin Beiber, Jane Fonda, Tori Spelling, Guilana Rancic and Jewell along with others.  The season two premiere of “After Lately” obtained 1.3  million viewers, going up seven percent from last season’s premiere, setting a new record.

Handler is developing a brand for herself and the guests that appear on the show seems to be getting bigger. She has two books out as well as her late-night talk show and “After Lately.” The show continues to be more unpredictable and entertaining as the season progresses. The reality show is going to show more celebrities and outrageous situations from Handler and the cast.


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Laura Gallagher

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