Affordable things for college students to do

By Kelsey Cummins
September 9, 2012

Being a college student myself, it is hard to find fun and inexpensive things to do on the weekends. The reason is that many students go home on the weekends. It is hard to be in an area you’re not familiar with and try to find fun and non-expensive things to do without wasting gas or just wasting your time in general. Being outside of Philadelphia makes living fun and affordable but most students do not recognize this blessing. Today I will be taking you down many affordable routes for you to do on the weekends.

Having a car would make things a lot easier. However if you don’t that is also fine, you can always take the train or carpool. The first fun and affordable thing you and your friends can do is go see the State Penitentiary located on 22nd Street and Fairmont Avenue in Philadelphia. This is a spooky place to go but also very historic and interesting to learn about. The tours include the cellblocks, solitary punishment cells, Al Capone’s Cell, Death Row. The price range varies from $10 to $25  very affordable for a great and historical afternoon.

If you’re into sports, Philadelphia is a great city for it. You can easily purchase tickets to see the Flyers, Eagles and The Phillies play. Especially at our school we have so much support for these teams that S.E.A.L located in the Widener Center sells these tickets to students with affordable prices. Going to games like these can do a lot for a person bring them closer to their peers. It also brings out the inner child in yourself and it’s just a great way to spend your day or night.

When traveling into the city of Philadelphia there are great views, great food and just a great atmosphere. Students can also visit two museums for the price of one. Mutter Museum has teamed up with the Penn Museum. Mutter Museum is the museum of medical history. In this museum it displays beautifully preserved collections of anatomical samples, models and medical tools in a 19th century “cabinet museum” setting. The purpose of this museum is to help educate the public on how beautiful and mysterious the human body really is and to also help them understand the history of medicine. This museum is a very interesting place to spend your afternoon and also you get to visit the Penn Museum as well. The price ranges from $14 to $20. For two museums those prices are not bad at all.

Now that you have been informed of all wonders around you, get out and enjoy.

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Kelsey Cummins

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