A Christmas Wish List

By Justine DiFilippo
December 6, 2001

Instead of a Christmas list this year I came up with a wish list…
I wish that my parents could stop stressing about putting
two children through college at the same time.
I wish my sister would get a job to take a load of a
financial burden off my parent’s shoulders.
I wish to have the seven fishes for dinner on Christmas
I haven’t had that in many years.
I wish I could be a child again and enjoy Christmas
through a child’s eyes.
I wish I could once again idolize my aunts and uncles like
I did when I was little. I remember wanting to be just like
them when I was little.
I wish that finals were not going to be as hard as I think
they are going to be.
I wish that the Loquitur staff including the photographers
for just one issue had everything turned in and on time.
I wish Christmas break would come sooner. I need a break
from all the work.

Justine DiFilippo

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