Abortion: pro choice vs. pro life

By Megan Pellegrino
September 27, 2007

Megan Pellegrino

As Americans, we are constantly fighting for the power of choice. When a choice is finally granted, no person has any right to take that choice away.

Having an abortion is simply a choice, nothing more. Making abortion legally available lets a woman decide if this is the right choice for her, without having any repercussions.

Now just because a woman chooses an abortion does not mean that she is shallow, uncaring or self-centered. Many choose to be pro-choice and make the decision of having an abortion for a variety of reasons and do not deserve to be looked down upon by thousands of pro-lifers.

Most who are pro-life automatically assume that by being pro-choice you are a baby killer and hate children, not exactly!

Of course, I do agree that there are other choices if a woman becomes pregnant, but under various circumstances of the pregnancy or even the woman’s health, abortion may be the only or right choice.

Everyone who stands in the streets and chants and are obsessed with being pro-life always lose the main picture. It is not your body, and you do not have any right to make the decisions of a pregnant woman. When you are in that situation, you can decide.

Those who choose to have an abortion may have a compelling reason for their decision. For some, those nine months of pregnancy can bring back harsh memories. For example, women who are raped must deal with nine months of agony and live with the scars of the pregnancy always remembering the night of the rape.

For others it may simply be for a medical reasoning. Because of the pregnancy or delivery, the woman may be in a serious risk of disability or even death. Risking health or life is not worth it! It is your body.

As for the rest of those who choose abortion, maybe they just never want to have children and feel that they can never carry the responsibility of a child.

It is also possible that being pregnant and having a baby could ruin a woman’s future.

I see no problem with a pregnant woman deciding to have an abortion. Abortion is legal and safe. Abortion is a choice, hence the saying pro-choice.

Being pro-choice gives a friendly reminder that when everything else fails or a woman truly believes not going through the pregnancy is best, they have that choice.

Making abortion illegal would be a step back from the freedom that we have as Americans. What would be the next right the government would take away from us? If we start taking away the rights we have fight for, why don’t we just forget democracy all together.

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Megan Pellegrino

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