ABC’s series puts shame to NY life-style

By Grayce Turnbach
February 21, 2008


Power-elite women, four to be exact are successful, best friends since business school and ambitious.

The rollercoaster each is on has its ups and downs, both personal and professional. A look into a women’s world is given to us in ABC’s “Cashmere Mafia”.

Cashmere is a dud. It’s just another women-in-the-city show that has nothing more than snazzy clothes, the latest PDA and your typical New Yorker. The rest? Fluff. All fluff.

Divorces, affairs, problems in the office and balancing personal lives and work seems to be the only thing Cashmere has to offer, which isn’t much.

The writing isn’t up to par, but the cast does well with what little they have.

Bonnie Somerville, Frances O’Conner, Lucy Liu and Miranda Otto are the faces of this “cashmere” mafia.

The men are few and far between, but a cheating husband, Peter Hermann, finds himself dealing with a divorce due to his cheating ways. Why? Possibly because of the intimidation of his successful wife?

The other leading man is Julian Ovenden, a devoted husband who struggles to find the time to spend with his wife who is constantly living the typical fast paced New York lifestyle. Tension builds between the two since his occupation is not at all close to what his wife’s is.

A lesbian, a divorcee, a mother struggling with finding time for family and one between men create just another failed attempt to lure viewers into the high-powered life of New York City.

Enough already! The show is lacking originality, among other things.

Placing four women in a bar sipping cocktails will not bring back the memory of what was “Sex in the City.” Neither will filming them having breakfast, lunch and dinner in the same restaurant week after week with their hectic lives.

At least the women in “Sex in the City” had unique traits, were funny and had some sass.

The women in Cashmere are boring, dull and completely unrelatable. No one who is that busy has enough time to sit and text their girlfriends let alone go and eat and drink with their girlfriends that often.

Who gets engaged and 5 days later gets dumped because she beats her fiance in a job opening at a publishing firm? No one who is in check wih the real world.

The shallow stereotypes of New York life all, shockingly, appear throughout the plot.

The plot may look a lot like a designer bag, but it’s merely just another knock-off from the corner of Canal Street.

The “Cashmere Mafia” isn’t cut out for a permanent spot on primetime, rather – they belong on a runway where their expensive clothes actually serve a higher purpose.

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Grayce Turnbach

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