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By Chris Perri
May 7, 2024

Connor Herraiz (right) celebrates with teammate Jason Fridge. Photo by Linda Johnson/Cabrini Athletics.
Connor Herraiz (right) celebrates with teammate Jason Fridge. Photo by Linda Johnson/Cabrini Athletics.

With the the end of the year and end of an era, many across campus find themselves reflecting on their time as Cabrini students. This is especially true for athletes, who experience college as both students and teammates. 

Choosing Cabrini

Sophomore finance major Connor Herraiz plays attack on the men’s lacrosse team. He was drawn to Cabrini for its proximity to job opportunities in the Philadelphia area, as well as the school’s long history of lacrosse success. “I chose Cabrini because I got the best of both worlds. I would get a good education and be a part of a very successful lacrosse program,” he said. 

Colin Stocklin, a sophomore communications major, chose Cabrini for a different reason. “The family factor drew me to Cabrini. My sister went here, so I was familiar with the campus before I was even looking at colleges,” he said. Stocklin committed to Cabrini for soccer and baseball; he plays midfielder on the soccer field and the infield on the diamond. 

Stocklin, who hails from Northeast Philadelphia, appreciates a sense of community. “I’m from a pretty big neighborhood, but we all knew each other in school. [Cabrini] is an ‘everyone knows everyone’ type of thing. It’s hidden and secluded. I loved it from my first visit,” he said. 

A new outlook

For both Herraiz and Stocklin, the news of Cabrini’s closure drastically shifted their mindsets for their athletic seasons. “My mentality was to be where my feet are at and enjoy every last minute with this team and the people at this university,” Herraiz said. “Last year, I took a lot for granted because I thought that I would have three more years to enjoy it all again. This year I enjoyed every minute here and have a lifetime’s worth of memories to remember it for.” 

Stocklin on the mound. Photo via Cabrini Athletics.

Stocklin’s soccer mindset became focused on playing for the team’s seniors. “We came into camp and didn’t know who was leaving or staying,” he said. “But it was nice having a veteran team. We had 12 or 13 seniors, and it was great to have that leadership and it felt good to play for them. Because if [the underclassmen] didn’t come back, they wouldn’t have had a season.” 

The same idea applied to baseball. “The veterans were a really big help this year. It’s just a last ride. We have nothing to lose,” Stocklin said. “It’s embarrassing for [the upperclassmen] if they lose, and what do [the underclassmen] have to lose? We can’t play next year.” 

Navigating the transfer process

While they have not decided on their next schools, Herraiz and Stocklin agreed that their coaches and the athletics staff were extremely helpful with their transfer process throughout the year. “[Head men’s lacrosse coach Tommy DeLuca] and [Associate Director of Athletics] Laura Patton have been a big help navigating the transfer portal and process. They have been really encouraging and always willing to help me out and have given me advice all along the way,” Herraiz said. “I truly cannot thank them enough not just for helping me and my fellow student athletes but also for sticking around for this last year. It is incredibly unselfish of them and they deserve so much more recognition than they get.”

Stocklin’s situation is different, since he will transfer for two sports, but the support system is no different. “Coaches have been a really big help, especially for what I’m doing. They helped put me in contact with other schools,” he said. “They were willing to help at the snap of a finger. They want us to succeed even if they’re not our coach. That feels very different, because not a lot of schools have that in their coaches.” 

“We have been assisting the athletes with what questions to ask other schools, sending unofficial transcripts, reviewing transfer credit evaluations, anything to help these students determine that they’ll stay on track to graduate and not fall behind upon transferring,” Patton said. “The most important thing is making sure these students are vetting institutions they are communicating with from top to bottom.”

A lasting bond

Herraiz and Stocklin also shared the sentiment of friendship being their greatest benefit from their experience on campus. “What I’ll remember the most is the camaraderie, both in sports and on campus,” Stocklin said. “There’s so much that goes on and we all just lean on each other. If you’re having a tough time, they’re there to encourage you. That’s something I’ll miss. I’m sure I’ll keep in contact with all the teammates I’ve had.” 

Herraiz carries the ball in a game against Neumann. Photo by Nick Ieradi/N18 Productions.

“The biggest thing I’ve taken away from my time at Cabrini is the friendships and memories I’ve made across the two years I’ve been here,” Herraiz said. “I’ve made some great memories and have developed friendships that will last a lifetime. I never regretted coming back this year and never will, the bond that I’ve created with my teammates and coaches will last forever.” 

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