A Cav’s perspective: Caroline Price

By Staff Writer
January 27, 2016

cut out 2-3
Photo from Cabrini Athletics

I have been an athlete for as long as I can remember, so picking a school where I had the opportunity to play basketball was extremely important to me.

I also knew that I did not want a huge school that was far away from home.

Cabrini College was the perfect fit.

Although it definitely took some adjusting, I have grown to love this school and my awesome team. Being on the basketball team has made my time here at Cabrini that much better.

I enjoy going to practice and game and having my teammates there for me whenever I need them.

Along with that, going to practice every day is the best stress reliever as well as a break from all the homework and studying that goes on in college.

My roommate Brittany is also a member of the field hockey and softball teams. We work really well together because we always understand what the other is going through.

Despite having a pretty hectic school year and trying to balance out being a student-athlete, I would not trade this college experience for anything else.

Staff Writer

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