A Cav’s perspective: Austin Edelman

By Staff Writer
November 11, 2015

I started playing Lacrosse when I was in 6th grade.

I was very active as a kid and loved playing sports.

I played football in the fall, basketball in the winter and I did not have anything to play in the spring.

I tried playing baseball but it was too boring.

My older brother started playing lacrosse for his high school at the time.

I went to a couple of his games and it looked pretty fun.

It was not long after I started playing and I fell in love with the sport.

As I transitioned from middle school to high school, I started to realize I was pretty good at lacrosse.

I started playing for a bunch of different club teams and participated in showcases.

I was fortunate enough to get recruited here at Cabrini and it was a decision I will never regret.

I have met so many great people here at Cabrini and it has opened doors to a better future for me.

Staff Writer

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