5 of the most popular podcast you can listen to

By Mark Finley
March 22, 2021


Podcasts are pre-recorded conversations that have similar formats to talk radio. Podcasts can range from news, sports, fashion, comedy, politics, etc. The length of podcasts can vary length as well.

There are many different platforms where you can find podcasts. Some of the most popular platforms to found podcasts are Apple Podcast, Spotify and YouTube.

Here are five podcasts that are worth listening to.

1. The Daily

The biggest New York Times stories told by the journalist who wrote them. The Daily is hosted by Michael Barbaro, a journalist for the New York Times, who is famous for covering the 2016 presidential election. In each episode, the journalist summarizes and comments on their story they wrote. Sometimes interviews with people involved in the story.

The Daily is the number one listen-to-podcast in February and is the number one news podcast on apple podcast.  

“I like to go behind the scenes of the news,” Professor of communication, Dr. Jerry Zurek said. “The journalist explains in plain language on the complicated stories.”

“I find it is a really good way to understand very complicated stories,” Zurek said. 

Each show is on average about 20 minutes long and there are five episodes a week Monday through Friday. Every episode is dropped each morning at 6 a.m. The Daily is available on all podcast platforms.

2. Pardon My Take

The Barstool Sports original is a comedic sports podcast hosted by Dan “Big Cat” Katz and PFT Commenter. Daily topics, guests and an inability to tell what the hosts might be doing could make this your new favorite sports talk show. The collection of recurring original segments that vary between shows and the different ways to summarize current sports news keep the show fresh. Pardon My Take interviews some of the biggest sports figures like Blake Griffin, Joe Buck and Scott Van Pelt. Katz and Commenter call the listeners “Awarding Winning Listeners” or AWLs. 

This is Pardon My Take’s logo with PFT Commenter (Left) and Big Cat (Right) are sitting in a car that is shaped like a football.
Photo by Mark Finley

Pardon My Take continuously is the number one sports podcast with 750 thousand to 1.5 million listeners per episode.

Episodes drop three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The episodes are on average between 90 minutes through two hours long.

3. The Joe Rogan Experience 

Former Fear Factor host, comedian and current UFC color commentator, Joe Rogan, host a podcast. The show’s format enables an in-depth conversation with Rogan and his guest of the day to sit and talk candidly about whatever’s on their mind. The show format allows jokes to be told swapping colorful stories and the eruptions of musings political Rogan has interviewed some of the biggest people in the world including Elon Musk, Kanye West, Dave Chappelle and Bernie Sanders.

Joe Rogan (Left) and Elon Musk (Right) are having a conversation in one of Musk’s appearances on the podcast.
Photo by Dale Kopping

On May 19, 2020, Rogan announced that The Joe Rogan Experience would be available on Spotify in an exclusive licensing deal worth an estimated $100 million.

Episodes vary in length with episodes being an hour to five hours long. Episodes are typically released daily at 1 p.m., EST / 10 a.m. PST, Tuesday through Friday. There are over 1,600 episodes available. 

“I really liked how the guest varies from episode to episode,” Isaiah Williams, sophomore business major, said.

4. Serial 

From the creators of This American Life, an investigative journalism podcast hosted by Sarah Koenig follows one true story and uncovers how the story unfolds over a season. The show follows the plot and characters wherever they lead, through many different surprising twists and turns. The podcast has a season in which each season follows a new case. Each episode breaks down an important piece of the case.

Season one investigated the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee. Season two investigated focus on Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, an American Army soldier who was held for five years by the Taliban who was charged with desertion. The third season followed a particular focus on cases before the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas, where each episode followed a different case.

There are 32 episodes between three seasons. The episodes average length of 50 minutes and each season has at least nine episodes.

5. Call Her Daddy

A sex advice and comedy podcast currently hosted by Alexandra Cooper. Cooper talks about sex & relationship advice, stories, embarrassing memories and her personal past & current relationship. Most episodes have a guest where Cooper knows them personally. There have been some high-profile guests including Miley Cyrus, Tana Mongeau and Lana Rhodes. Cooper refers to the listeners as the “Daddy Gang.”

There is one episode a week that drops on Wednesday and the episode is about an hour and a half long. All episodes are available on all podcast platforms. 


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Mark Finley

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