Psy Club does more than volunteer

By BreAnna Stanley
October 13, 2011

The psychology club has something new planned on their agenda this year. Between their usual monthly events and yearly activities, they found a way to fit in more.

For the first time this year, students in the psychology club are going to rotate going to houses and volunteering for clean up. These houses are not just any houses, they are houses that have hoarders in them. Their first project is in Berwyn and their going to help a lady who hoards all technology items.

Members of the club are going to  help get rid of the items she hoards and coach her to get through it. There will be two different members at a time that go each week. They will continue doing this for many different hoarders.

Other activities the club does is have movie night Mondays once a month with the whole club and they watch psychology thrillers. They are even selling 2$ movie tickets for Nov. 23 in the Wayne theater for the movie “ A dangerous method.”

Cabrini offers something called the Norristown express, which takes you directly to a homeless shelter. They will volunteer here by serving food.  The club with team up with SEAL and do events, such as attend a haunted attraction called Bates motel.

“The biggest event we do which means a lot to me personally is the Relay for life.” Mary Kate Miller, junior psychology major and club president, said.

Miller  shared important information and expressed how much Relay for Life meant to her especially with losing a close friend in high school that suffered from cancer.

“We are already planning for next year. We rather have it all planned out in advance.” Miller said.

The club contains over 30 members and they have a meeting once a month, which usually occurs the night of the Monday movies. People mostly join this club because it is great for a resume, getting involved with others especially in the psychology department and even getting involved with faculty.

“You really get involved with the faculty, which is great!” Miller said.

Anyone can get involved with the psychology club; you do not have to be a psychology major to be in it.

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BreAnna Stanley

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