Fitness center challenges student body

By Chelbi Mims
February 24, 2011

Since the New Year, fitness classes in the Dixon Center have been crowded with people striving to fulfill their New Years Resolutions. Although Zumba was a popular fitness workout last semester, Power 90 Extreme (P90x) has created much buzz across campus this semester.

P90x added to the fitness regime in January.“It made me realize how out of shape I am.  I can tell from the intensity of the DVD that after sticking with it for the 90 days, it would honestly work,” Bryan Janowski, junior marketing major, said.

Tony Horton and Beachbody developed the new work-out in 2003. It combines cardio workouts, weight training, yoga, resistance training, plyometrics and stretching routines. According to the P90x website, “this workout exceeds all other fitness programs because of muscle confusion.

P90x challenges the body and requires the muscles to develop.”“The first couple of times I did it my body ached but now I like it because each day it focuses on a different exercise, so I feel myself getting into better shape.” Jess Brennan, sophomore education major, said.At Cabrini Jess Huda, Fitness Director and assistant women’s soccer coach, teaches the intense hour long workout.“After soccer season the girls and I wanted to do something to stay in shape and we all tried P90x.

I see a difference in myself and I think that if anyone sticks with it they will see a change,” Huda said.The classes are offered each day. Every day focuses on a different workout.“My favorite is the ab ripper. I couldn’t make it at 3 when it’s offered so I worked it out with Jess Huda to work out on my own at 11 three days a week.

I immediately saw a difference and felt great. I wish I could do it everyday because if you’re committed and go hard you’ll see results that you want,” Taylor Bonanni, sophomore psychology major, saidP90x classes are available on DVD. When purchasing the workout on DVD it comes with 12 workouts, a fitness guide, nutrition plan and a calendar to track progress.

The Nutrition Plan comes in three phases: a high protein diet, athletic diet and energy boost.The Dixon Center offers great, enjoyable and free ways to stay in shape.“It’s hard to stay in shape while in college between the cafeteria food but Dixon offers a lot of great classes like yoga and boot camp and now P90x that people should take advantage of,” Bonanni said. “It’s fun and its free!”



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Chelbi Mims

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