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Commentary: Majority decision gives Garcia 30th career win

After a tightly contested 12-round brawl Philadelphia native, Danny “Swift” Garcia  (30-0 17 Kos) snuck by hard fighting Lamont Peterson (33-3-1, 17 Kos) to stay undefeated. On Saturday, April 11, Danny Garcia faced Lamont Peterson, in Brooklyn New York at the Barclay’s center in front of 12,000 fans. Garcia won a controversial majority decision after […]


Domestic Violence

Cabrini College Communication Department seniors created this web site both to educate Pennsylvania elementary school teachers about Domestic Violence and to give teachers ways to help students living with Domestic Violence.


Youth Voices Rise: the Arab awakening

Cabrini College Communication Department seniors created this site based on interviews conducted with young people and others involved in the Arab Awakening.

Cannabis on the high rise

In the last few decades, marijuana has not only been outlawed by the U.S. government but also by the media. In recent years, however, there has been a major push to change that. In 2012, Colorado and Washington were the two states that took the initiative in the change that a whole generation had been […]

Smartphones have impacted societal interaction, research says

Think about someone’s daily life and how often their cellphone is in their hand. How often do people find themselves picking it up to avoid having to talk to others around them? Would they consider it a distraction from the world around them? The millennial generation was born into the technology age where society can […]

Millennials serving the political field

The millennial generation, like every other generation, displays unique traits and economic, political and social influences in today’s culture. According to the “Millennial Generation Review” report millennials between the ages 13 to 32 are said to leave imprints within individuals and their life cycle. Therefore, there is a large amount of the millennial generation that […]

Race being taken to a whole new level

“I can’t breathe” rasped Eric Garner as he fell to the ground. According to NBCNEWYORK, Eric Garner was the 43-year-old father who died while being taken into NYPD custody last summer. In the past few years numerous events, like this, have raised the question, has the United States made as much progress as people had […]

College Drinking: A culture of bad habits or alcoholism?

It is the Friday night of Sam’s first week as a freshman in college. Sam really does not know anyone, but his roommate has an older brother at the school. Sam really wants to fit in and meet some new friends. His roommate says, “Come on. Let’s go to a party.” Sam makes quite the […]

Women’s lacrosse stays undefeated in conference

Cabrini’s women’s lacrosse team has kept up to their high expectations and held steady with a tight grip to their 12th consecutive undefeated conference season. They ended the day with a 19-3 victory over the Marywood Pacers. That victory improved the Cavaliers to 11-5 overall and 9-0 in the Colonial States Athletic Conference. The Cavaliers […]

Ben Wallace was influential to the millennials.

Millennials inspired by professional athletes

Professional athletes’ jobs are paid according to their performance on the field, court or turf. A common question presented to youth is, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” However, was it known that the same children who were asked this would grow to be inspirational leaders in the eyes of millennials? […]

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Rewards vs. expense of club and travel level sports

Many young athletes are involved in travel or club level sports outside of their school-sponsored teams. These teams come with a hefty price tag. With such a big investment, a huge reward is expected. Parents are being asked to readily hand over big fees and other expenses to help their children get to that next […]

LGBT community grows increasingly more accepted

According to Pew Research, millennials are more accepting of the LGBT community than people of previous generations. It shows that there has been a rise in support for same-sex relationships over the past decade. But why is that? Is it because people have changed? “I think most people lately, including myself, have been more open […]

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Different social media sites are being used to recruit athletes

Recruiting student athletes through social media

Over the past couple of decades, the college athletic recruitment process has completely transformed. The process of this transformation could be credited to the new way of the world, which is social media. According to a New York Times article, coaches and recruits claimed that social media sites such as Facebook, account for 50 percent […]

How destruction defined a generation

DECK Few Millennials knew a world before threat levels were color-coded, there was a War on Terror, and Transportation Security Administration checks were as thorough at they are today. At the time, the oldest millennails to view the collapse of the twin towers were 21-years-old, while the youngest were merely just born.   Caileigh’s Story […]


Commentary: Men and women athletes struggle to be equal

From the beginning of time men and women have always been in comparison, no matter what the topic may be about. Over the years women have struggled to find their balance but now since the uprising of so many different female athletes dominating the field, it is hard for someone to say that the two […]

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Pop culture meshes with the NBA

It was not unlikely to see Allen Iverson draped in baggy clothes with a du-rag tied over his braids. The same way that it was not unlikely to hear the late Stuart Scott using his slang over the airwaves. Both were iconic symbols in pop culture. Both were iconic in sports. Both were only being […]

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Sports apps provide the latest scores and sports news updates for professional sports teams.

Sports apps affect the way we receive our sports news

Sports apps are becoming the new way to stay involved on all breaking news, scores and updates about your favorite teams. The best part is all of the most downloaded sports apps are free. ESPN SportsCenter app offers quite a sports experience, with a range of videos, news, scores, stats and standings. The application gives […]

MCT Tim Tebow signed with the Eagles on Monday, April 20, 2015

Tebow-mania is coming to Philly

Kevin’s Point of View Big news for the city of brotherly love. Tim Tebow is the most recent signing of the Philadelphia Eagles. Tebow signed a one-year deal on Monday afternoon. Tebow-mania is coming to Philly. Well, sort of, kind of, not really. Tebow has no guarantee to make the final 53-man roster. He will […]

Tim Tebow signed with the Eagles on Monday, April 20, 2015

Tebow-mania is a no-lose situation in Philly

Howard’s Point of View Tim Tebow can say goodbye to his career as an ESPN college football analyst after signing a one-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday. Tebow’s last stint in the NFL was two seasons ago with the New York Jets as the backup quarterback to, the Eagles’ very own, Mark Sanchez. […]

Millennials and their contraceptive methods

It is three o’clock in the morning and the sounds of a baby crying pierces through the house. “I’ll just pull out.” Sleep is lost, stress levels are raised and the idea of a college education is now completely out of the question. “Come on, what’s the big deal? Don’t you trust me?” Looking back, […]

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Divorce is common among millennials. The children must make the mot out of the difficult and sensitive situation

For millennials, divorce is common

I, like many millennials, am a product of failed relationships, and I am stronger because of it. When I was two, my parents got a divorce. This is something that today I am so thankful for because without the divorce, I would not have been blessed with my four siblings. Since that first divorce, I […]

Students work on photos for exhibition (Photo: Bri Morrell)

Students prepare for graphic design exhibition

Graphic design seniors have been working hard to prepare for the exhibition later this month. With the preparation it takes to have pieces framed, cut and prepared for the show, the spotlight is shining on seniors who have worked towards this day. The exhibition will be taking place April 14 to August 28 in the […]

“The share of millennials studying STEM fields is slightly lower than that of past generations.” Note: The “applied” category includes communications, library science, criminal justice, culinary arts, etc. (Graphic designed by Abbie Keefe)

Women millennials choose social science, rather than STEM, studies show

Studies show that both the millennial generation and women in general may have specific outlooks on the participation in fields involved in STEM, otherwise known as science, technology, engineering and mathematics. According to The 15 Economic Facts on Millennials by The Council of Economic Advisors from October, 2014, millennials are more likely to study social […]

Nancy Hutchison and Melissa Burgess at the Center for Career and Professional Development, which is a source for finding jobs.  (Jessica Paradysz / Perspectives Editor)

More millennials heading into the workforce

By the year 2020, almost half of the workplace will be millennials, according to an info graphic by Brandon Weber. Why does a company need millennials? The millennial generation is known for being tech-savvy. “Every internship and employment opportunity that we see wants excellent technology skills and a willingness to embrace new technologies,” Nancy Hutchison, […]

Mission IMPROVable

Witty, on the spot and undoubtedly funny, Mission Improvable, took to the stage in the mansion Tuesday night, to give our students some comedy for the night. Being very eccentric and interactive, the four man crew of Mission Improvable, galloped and walked through the crowd, to ask the viewers random questions to begin there night […]

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Who are the millennial generation?

A Loquitur video created by Mackenzie Harris This is also the generation that is stereotyped for being obsessed with selfies, not caring about anything other than themselves and has been nicknamed the “me me me” generation. That is absolutely not true. Millennials are not defined by what others may think or say, but rather by the actions […]