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By Renee DiPietro
May 3, 2001

by Renee Di Pietro
perspectives editor

The Battle of the Bands/Battle of the DJs will take place tomorrow night in the Dixon Center, from 8 p.m. – 1 a.m. The college radio station, WYBF FM 89.1, The Burn, planned the event. The admission price is $2 for Cabrini students and $4 for non-Cabrini students. All of the proceeds go to the Rainbow House, which is an AIDS funding house in Reading, PA. The CAP board has supported the Rainbow House in the past.

Junior recording arts major Jake Maze said, “This year the radio station has been trying hard to get stuff going with the audience and the rest of campus.”

“We are trying to do this to open people’s minds to other genres of music,” Maze said.

Maze is a music director at The Burn, and had important involvement in the Battle of the Bands/Battle of the DJs creation.

Originally the event was just going to be bands playing, but Maze thought that it would be a good idea to entice some DJs to come and fill the open time between the bands’ sets, especially since he knew some personally.

“I got DJs coming from New York, West Chester, and Philadelphia,” Maze said. “These spinners will be working the turn tables in between the bands.”

All of the bands were hand picked by junior English/communication major and Spanish major Geri Lynn Utter, the coordinator of Battle of the Bands/Battle of the DJs. She chose the bands from their demo recordings. Utter is also the assistant operation manager for The Burn.

Senior English/communication major Dave Toia said, “I feel as a senior that the program has grow a lot and that our general manager (Krista Mazzeo) is organized and inspiring.”

Communication center supervisor Krista Mazzeo is excited for the event to be well attended and hopefully the start of an annual happening. A couple years ago the radio station did an event similar to Battle of the Bands/Battle of the DJs, but it was much smaller, being more of a “montage than a bash” as Mazzeo said.

“Because we are doing this for a benefit, we are going to try and make it an annual thing,” Maze said.

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Renee DiPietro

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