World-wide leader in sports;ESPN

By Jason Radka
April 6, 2006


The Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, otherwise known as ESPN since in 1985, has been undoubtedly the center of the sports world since 1979. Straight out of Bristol, Conn., ESPN is one of very few networks that airs sports coverage and sports news 24 hours a day.

Founded by former CEO Chet Simmons and now under the direction of George Bodenheimer, ESPN has become the model sports platform for all sports entertainment. Since 1979, 11 new ESPN networks including radio and Hispanic television have spawned from the original ESPN network.

Similar to many evening news broadcasts and coverage, sports fans can rely on Sportscenter to bring the latest sports news right to their television set. Sportscenter was the first show to debut on ESPN and is the most popular of all programs that are run on the network. Sportscenter has a unique technique of delivering sports news.

A select group of commentators are chosen to use clever comedy in the delivery of sports news to the viewers. As a result, their comedy has given many athletes catchy ingenious nicknames that stick throughout their career. Such nicknames like “Pat the Bat,” for Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Pat Burrell and “The Rocket,” for Houston Astros pitcher Roger Clemens.

ESPN’s new form of sports entertainment has been argumentative debate shows.

The most popular of this type of show is “Pardon the Interruption.” The show first aired in 2002, hosted by commentators Tony Wilbon and Tony Kornhaiser. In this program, several debatable topics in the world of sports are given a certain amount of time to be debated. At the end of the given time, the next topic is discussed, and the process continues until the time is up.

ESPN is owned and operated by Disney. ESPN Zone is a restaurant and news set located in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla. At ESPN Zone, a complete restaurant environment is present. In addition, certain months of the year actually televise an edition of Sportscenter.

ESPN is the world-wide leader in sports entertainment. No other sports channel compares to the omniprescence of the ESPN. Whether it be Sportscenter, ESPN2 or fishing, ESPN is your number one spot for sports.

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Jason Radka

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