Woodcrest mag braces for digital move

By Amanda Cundari
April 18, 2013

The Loquitur provides news to Cabrini College’s campus community much like how the New York Times provides news to New York and across the nation.  However, New York City’s publication is not limited to only news- they provide literary magazines such as the New Yorker.

Cabrini College will now have their own ‘New Yorker’ with the launch of the Woodcrest Magazine online.

“The Woodcrest Magazine publication captures what you might imagine in a publication like the New Yorker or Rolling Stone,” Dr. Amy Persichetti, instructor of English, said.

The Woodcrest Magazine originated as a print, and became a Columbia Scholastic Press Association Crown Award-winning publication.  The online edition is meant to reach a wider audience as it adapts to our ever-changing digital age of advancements.

The online edition will not be static, new material will be added every semester.  Students outside the English Department are also welcome to submit work for consideration.

“The Magazine is open to everyone on campus,” Persichetti said.  “It is a lot like how the Loquitur publication belongs in the communication department but everyone on campus participates in, reads, and gets excited about.  We would like the Woodcrest Magazine to be the literary version of that.”

The student-run initiative plans to launch the website in the fall.

“The Woodcrest Magazine website is something that the students imagined, designed and populated with information,” Persichetti said.  “I am really proud of the effort they put into it and encourage students even if they just dabble in poetry to send in their pieces.”



Types of work you can expect and submit

  • Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Art and Photography
  • Film Reviews
  • Music Reviews
  • Book Reviews

Submit your work to: Woodcrestproject@gmail.com



Amanda Cundari

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