Lady Cavs have high hopes for young squad

By Natalie Crawford
November 29, 2010

Every new season means there will be new additions to a team. Cabrini College’s women’s basketball team lost four seniors but gained eight freshmen that are carrying the team.

Cabrini women’s basketball team lost to Montclair State University with an ending score of 71-39 on Tuesday, Nov. 23. This was their first away game of the season.

Cabrini has played Montclair in the past and expected this game to be their first win of this season.

“These girls hustle and play with their heart which is something you can’t teach at practice so I am looking forward to this game,” Julie Bonomo, senior marketing major, guard and captain, said.

Since this game was their first away game and they had to travel nearly two hours to get there, nervous feelings could have been built up.

“It’s our first away game so it might be a little jittery but I don’t think we will be because it’s our third game. Last game we played really hard even though we lost,” Melissa Kudzmas, sophomore elementary and special education major and forward, said.

The team is young this season so the freshmen have a lot of responsibilities to handle, at practice and during the games.

Majority of the freshman women do play during games. Four women even start. During the Montclair game, the freshman girls were holding their ground and played offense like any team is expected to.

Brittany Sandone, MaryKate McCann, Amanda Cundari, Colleen Stewart, Maggie McElroy, Michelle Petronaci and Leithie Faison, who are all freshman players, played extraordinary during the game by scoring a majority of Cabrini’s points.

That just shows how dedicated these girls are and how committed they are to prove themselves to the rest of the team and upper classmates that they deserve this spot on the team.

“I love the freshmen. I think they are such a great group of girls even outside basketball and I think they are wonderful, wonderful girls. They play their hearts out every game,” Bonomo said. “Since they are freshmen they really do have a lot of responsibility because a majority of them do play. They are smart players and have good basketball skills and they hustle.”

The coaches and captains are a significant influence on the women. There are two new coaches this season, but that doesn’t stop the girls from having a close relationship with them and confiding in them.

“The captains have been doing very well managing the team and keeping our heads together. The coaches do the same as well, they push us really hard because they know what we can do,” Kudzmas said.

Being a captain comes with great personality traits. You need to be a leader, a role model, someone that the players can learn from and a friend all at the same time.

Being the only senior on the team and a captain as well, Bonomo shows those characteristics to the full extent.

“My responsibilities are to keep everyone together. It’s a very long season and a lot can happen. It’s very competitive so I try and keep the girls heads up. As a captain it’s good to keep that positive attitude and positive energy because it’s such a competitive

sport. It’s honorable to me that I was appointed captain,” Bonomo said.

“I am a sophomore right now but I’m definitely inspired to be a captain. I’m not so sure about next year but hopefully senior year. I think it’s something I can do because I have good leadership skills,” Kudzmas said.

This talented group of girls have not just bonded in a special way, but they have aspired to have the opportunity to play basketball in Puerto Rico during their winter break and it doesn’t stop there. They also have the privilege to play a game in Madison

Square Garden in New York City. That is something that is very rare for a DIII school to accomplish. Cabrini College made it and they deserve every second of fame for it.

“Starting off as the only senior is definitely a challenge. It’s also something that I want to be the best year of my life. Being a senior is very bittersweet and you take a lot of responsibilities. Every game and practice I try and take hold of it. Each game I try and do my best and leave it all out there on the floor. This is the last season ill be able to put on a uniform and play,” Bonomo said.

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Natalie Crawford

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