The Wolf of Wall Street: Review

By K. Liam Shrader
May 11, 2014

If you haven’t seen The Wolf of Wall Street you have no doubt heard about it.  This is the true story of Jordan Belfort, eccentric New York stock broker.

The story focus’ on the rise and fall of Belfort, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, on his hunt for wealth with his number two man Donnie, played by Jonah Hill, and the sex, drugs and debauchery that encompassed their lives.  You go along for the ride as Belfort teaches his recruits how to fool clients into buying useless stock, grows his empire and nearly escapes the clutches of the American legal system.  In this film DiCaprio is the hero you will hate.   You will share his in his joy while he scams innocent people out of money for his own gain, but you will be glad to see him crumble.

This movie is filled with a lot of fun, great to watch with friends.  However, there is gross amounts of language and nudity, so it may be best to avoid it around parents, grandparents or children.

DiCaprio plays the vicious, money-hungry broker perfectly, as expected.  Hill takes his career to a whole new level with this character, he is the perfect fit and brings a lot of humor into the film, receiving a well deserved Oscar nomination.

Bottom line, this is a great movie in the right company of people.  So invite some friends over and find this movie OnDemand, it will guarantee a good time.

K. Liam Shrader

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