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By Nicoletta Sabella
March 16, 2006


Have you noticed emotions running high lately? Well that’s because it is the month of Pisces and Aries.

March is associated with Mars, the roman god of war; however, Pisces and Aries are not the fighting type.

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac. They are prone to incorporate many of the 11 other signs’ traits into their own. They are flexible and resourceful. They tend to adapt to any circumstance that they may come across. Some words used to describe Pisces are sensitive, imaginative, compassionate and emotional. Pisces like to run imagination and reality together but somehow find a balance between the two. They stay low and go with the flow. They are also great friends and can lend an ear.

To be considered a Pisces, your birthday must fall between Feb. 19 and March 20.

Pisces can be symbolized by two fish opposte each other. Their element is water, emphasizing the idea of flowing to fit forms. Qualities of water include being mutable or changeable, which is how the Pisces survive. The two fish draw a parallel to the yin and the yang that shows the equilibrium between imagination and reality.

Taking a look into the fashionable viewpoint of a Pisces, one can see that they are obviously fish-like. Constantly wanting to wear free-flowing clothes that are similar to the drifting ease of the ocean. Pisces also tend to go barefoot if they have the option.

Aries, on the other hand, is the first Zodiac sign. Unlike Pisces, they tend to act as if they were the first in line. They are leaders instead of followers. They feel the need to get their point across and boss others around. This may seem to be an unlikable trait, but can be seen as a powerful and notable trait. They are also emotional in character, but show their emotions differently than the Pisces. Aries often force their feeling onto others making sure that everyone knows about it. On a better note, they are highly energetic and adventurous.

Aries love to make fashion statements. Since they are the first at anything, it is only apparent that they are trendsetters. They adore wearing clothes with flare to show their adventurous side.

If you have a birthday that falls right after March 20 up until April 19, you are designated an Aries.

The symbol of Aries is the ram. Rightfully so since the ram symbolizes forcefulness. Aries like to force ideas onto others and always think they are right. On the other hand, without force little or no work can be accomplished.

Don’t feel left out if you’re not a Pisces or an Aries. If you are a Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini or Aquarius according to your signs you are supposed to be compatible with Aries. If you are a Sagittarius, Cancer or Capricorn, according to your signs you would be best compatible with Pisces.

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Nicoletta Sabella

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