We are the world

By Brian Loschiavo
February 18, 2010

On Friday, Feb. 12 the world watched as the 2010 Winter Olympics opening ceremony was broadcast on television in countries near and far.

This worldwide competition, which occurs every four years, provides a chance for the world’s top athletes to compete against one another in a variety of events.

These athletes who are some of the best in their respective sport work their whole lives to reach the ultimate goal of performing before billions of people on the largest stage in hopes of bringing home Olympic gold.

Though it is a competition to see which country can rack up the most metals it is also about having pride in your flag and realizing that as tough as times can get in our world for just a few weeks everyone can come together as one.

As you are watching the games this winter take the time to appreciate the United States and the athletes representing our country but also take the time enjoy all the nations coming together and celebrating unity of the world.

Brian Loschiavo

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