Twilight and its greatness

By Holly Prendergast
August 23, 2010


Yes, it is true; Bella does try to have sex with Edward in the third installment of the Twilight Saga, “Eclipse.” However, it simply ends up being an innocent attempt between two people in love.  Yes they are young, and yes some of the audience may be a younger crowd, but honestly, what romance movie now a day doesn’t have a sex scene in it?  Look at “The Notebook,” “Dear John” and “The Time Traveler’s Wife.”  All of these movies have had sex scenes in them, and in my opinion, they have been far more detailed and I am sure that the some of the same “Twi-hards” have seen these movies.  Some people may think that the sexual content shown in “Eclipse” may be inappropriate, but honestly, it is something that is going to happen between teenagers whether “Eclipse” depicts sexual content or not.


As a former teenager and a current twenty-something, I can honestly say that I have been completely and utterly wrapped up in romance book, movies and TV shows one too many times.  But what I can tell you is that I have never tried or strived to be like these characters in any way.  I would never think that just because Edward and Bella become engaged at such a young age means that I have to or that I would even want to.  I think that movies are movies and people realize that they are not real life.  Romance is in everyday life, and sometimes it does happen that people fall in love at a young age, but I do not think that watching these movies effects the way that people look at life.

BOOKS & FILM does claim “Twilight” is one of the best reads of the decade, and I have to completely agree.  Although I do love the movies, I do not think that they do the books justice.  Yes, this is a fictional series, but Stephanie Meyer is such a creative individual and she truly does have a way with words.  When it comes down to it, there is nothing more that I can say about the Twilight Saga books, other than I love them.  And for those of you who decide to judge them before you have even read them, you need to sit down and read them because I can assure you that your opinion will quickly change once you read the magic that is “The Twilight Saga.”

Holly Prendergast

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