To transfer or not to transfer: An ode to indecisiveness

By Molly Seaman
January 20, 2016

It does not seem all that long ago that we were seniors in high school trying to decide what we wanted to do with ourselves for the next four years. Amongst all the appli- cations, ACT and SAT testing and campus tours, we all somehow ended up at the same place: Cabrini College.

Whether you ended up here because you fell in love with the college, or because your mom made you, indecisiveness for 20-somethings is not uncommon.

The first time I set foot on Cabrini’s campus, I was 12 years old. Unfortunately, I was not a child genius scouting for early acceptance, but I was along for the ride for one of my mother’s yearly business meetings at the college.

For me, Cabrini had always been in the plans. I mean, what else do you expect from a kid who practically grew up at Mother Cabrini Shrine in Colorado? However, when I first arrived in Radnor as a freshman, I did not love college as much I thought I would.

Maybe it was because I was so far away from home, maybe it was because everything had not fallen into place right away exactly as I had hoped.

Students make the decision to transfer based on several factors. Creative Commons

All I knew was that I was not happy.

In fact, I came home from Christmas break last year with every intention of never returning to Cabrini College ever again. Until my mother made me. Let me tell you, that was not a fun ride to the airport.

It was not until I came back to Cabrini with zero expectations that everything began to fall into place.

Second semester I was lucky enough to meet friends

(now roomates) that were just as far away from home as I was. I met professors that showed me that my presence on campus matters and that I was getting opportunities in the Communication Department I would not get anywhere else. I got involved in clubs and activities that I have grown so passionate about and have helped shaped me into who I am today.

If you are a student reading this article (kudos to you for staying interested this long!) and you are considering transferring, just know that it is okay to wonder.

Your 20s are a time to explore, question everything and grow. Cabrini may not be what you are looking for, and that is okay.

What is important to remember is that no matter where you go in life, there will always be obstacles to face and challenges to overcome.

Do not get me wrong, there are still days I get homesick, frustrated and wish I could go to football games like the rest of my friends. But I have learned that although Cabrini will never be perfect, I have found that it is the perfectly imperfect fit for me.

Molly Seaman

Managing Editor of the Loquitur at Cabrini University. Colorado Born and Raised. 21 years old with a deep love for people, travel and education.

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