‘The Mothman Prophecies’ puts movie-goers

By Geri Lynn Utter
January 31, 2002

“The Mothman Prophecies” is a newly released movie starring Richard Gere (John Klein) and Laura Linney (Sgt. Connie Parker.) The movie is based on a book written by John A. Keel, a well-known UFOlogist, in 1975. Klein’s book covers a series of paranormal events that actually occurred in Point Pleasant, West Virginia from November 1966 to October 1967.

The intelligent life forms referred to as “mothmen” are reported to be anywhere between eight and 12- feet -tall. From a distance, they appear as being extraordinarily tall with a broad-build. However, what draws attention to them the most, is their bulging red-eyes that glow in the dark and their large wings that enable them to fly. Director, Mark Pellington (“Arlington Road”) abducts movie-goers with these extraterrestrial beings in “The Mothman Prophecies.” Pellington has a way of making the audience empathize and genuinely care for the characters in the movie, according to the Stax Report.

John Klein, the star-journalist for the Washington Post, seems to have it all, a promising career and a beautiful wife. Until, one day, Klein’s wife gets into a car-accident. Viewers’ watch in dismay as Klein’s life unravels in front of their eyes. Klein’s wife is diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor and dies. Shortly after her unexpected death, Klein finds pictures of a bird-like man etched by his wife and does not put much thought into this discovery until one year passes.

During that year, Klein buried himself in his work and made little time for himself. While on his way to Alexandria to interview the governor, Klein’s car breaks down and he finds himself knocking on the door of a rural home in West Virginia. Not realizing he drove 4 hundred miles out of his way and arriving in West Virginia, Klein is greeted on the other end of the door by a riffle pointing at his head. Gordon Smallwood, owner of the home claimed that Klein had been harassing he and his wife for three consecutive nights. Shocked and dismayed by the whole situation, Klein explains his side of the story to Sgt. Connie Parker at gunpoint by Smallwood.

As the plot develops Klein and Parker begin to put together the cause of the bizarre behavior in Point Pleasant. The source of this odd behavior takes shape in the form of a man that possesses “moth like” features and is able to predict the tragedy that occurs in the small-quaint town of Point Pleasant.

“The Mothman Prophecies” is not the typical in-your-face extraterrestrial abduction flick. It allows the audience to be frightful of the unknown.

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Geri Lynn Utter

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